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Remove wrinkles

Enhances facial contours

Improves skin tone

Reshape skin

With High Density Focused Ultrasound (HIFU), ultrasound is used to focus energy on specific target tissues using ultrasound waves to improve collagen and elastin, thus achieving therapeutic results.

Microneedle treatment process
Microneedle treatment process two


Using brand new technology, this treatment is based on the controlled, gentle removal of specific areas of the epidermis and dermis. The laser heats the skin and uses the laser's energy to carefully disrupt the skin, causing it to produce new collagen.


  • 2 handle configurations
  • VMAX Handle: 1.5 mm, 3 mm and 4.5 mm (for facelift).
  • 9D HIFU handle: 3 mm, 4.5 mm, 8 mm (for face lift)
  • 15-inch smart screen. 3M ultrasound film, German motor, US SonoSound ultrasound film.
  • Metal shell: not easy to be deformed or damaged during transport, easy to dissipate heat. Exquisite and luxurious appearance.
High power ultrasonic blade
High power ultrasonic scalpel treatment head
Treatment heads of different depths
Treatment heads of different depths

Before and after treatment

HIFU Acne Scars Before and After Treatment
One Week After Acne Treatment
Acne treatment before and after comparison
whitening treatment

Machine Video


I've been getting monthly diamond microderm treatments for 5+ years. They cost (with a facial) between $150-180 per treatment. Recently, my esthetician lost her lease for her spa space so I was without my facials and microderm. While waiting for her to find a new location I decided I'd buy this and see if it worked or not. I usually expect beauty and hair devices to fail. Rarely do they live up to their marketing. This one is a winner! My skin looks and feels just like it does after the expensive spa treatments. You do need to know what you're doing so watch some youtube videos if you're new to this (because you can harm your skin). I figure I'm going to save at least $5000 a year. It's a good quality machine and super easy to use (again, once you know what you are doing). The bonus for me is that I have some areas that I've wanted to focus more on but would mean more trips to the salon and more money. I don't have sensitive skin so on the problem areas i can use it more frequently (every 2-3 weeks instead of the once a month I've been going). I will miss the whole spa experience but it's a fair tradeoff for me. Now, will this machine last? I don't know. I haven't had it long enough to say, but if I had to buy 1 a year it would still be cheaper since it actually does what it is supposed to.


Reviewed in the France on April 19, 2020

Hadn't used one in years, took the plunge and happy I did. Face felt great after, easy to use. Directions aren't user friendly, especially for those who have never used one. Definitely do your research if you are new to using a machine and proper techniques.

Orestes Quinones

Reviewed in the Germany on March 20, 2023

This is the best for my dry skin. My skin is always peeling and no matter what makeup I buy my skin is flaky with it on I've even gone as far as shaving my face to replace the treatment I get at the spa. Nothing has worked as good as this! My skin is so bad with access dead skin that I've used this twice since I bought it. Alot of things I've tried at home or bought has never matched up to a spa treatment or facial but this has exceeded by far! Even though I just bought one I feel like I should get another just in case they stop selling it lol I typically pay $200 for 1 spa treatment and this is just about the cost but you get so much more

Joshua Stidham

Reviewed in the United States on November 9, 2020


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