Skin Revitalizathion

Tighten loose skin

Reduce fine lines

Reduces pore size

Improve acne

Microneedle fractional RF machine H2-K6

HC3-F Portable Microneedle Fractional RF Machine

HIFU& Radio Frequency C3-T

Accessories Explained


Microneedle fractional RF machine H2-K6

LEFIS RF H2-K6 is made of imported components to ensure stable performance. Significantly improved acne marks and pimples after 1-3 micro-needling treatments.


Reduce Pore

Size Improve acne

Remove acne pits


Comparison of microneedling results
Before and after one week of RF treatment


HC3-F Portable Microneedle Fractional

Desktop microneedling machine, also with gold microneedles, high power and stable output, suitable for beauty salons and homes that need a small microneedling machine.


Tightens skin

Improve skin texture

Lightens pigmentation and scars


HIFU& Radio Frequency C3-T

RSFU combines advanced RF and ultrasonic technologies to deeply penetrate and tighten skin layers, promoting heat production and collagen regeneration for a noticeable lift and firmness.


Shrink Pores

Remove wrinkles

Body Contouring

Firms facial skin

We develop solutions for:


Body Sculpting

Skin Revitalization



Hair Removal

Tattoo Removal

Scar Revisions

Weight Loss

Gold Microneedle

All needles use gold micro-needles, compared with traditional micro-needles, better antibacterial properties, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, better electrical conductivity to ensure the effective and balanced output of energy

Vacuum-packed needles

The workshop adopts vacuum, aseptic packaging to ensure that the needles are packaged in accordance with international standards, ensuring that the needles will not be infected by bacteria, ensuring the hygiene and safety of the needles.

Importance of aseptic packaging of needles for microneedle therapy:

Prevent infection, the needle will penetrate the surface of the skin, if it is not sterile, it is easy for the patient to get infected easily during the treatment process.

Needle with chip identification

Proprietary Lefis chip identification function ensures that each needle is uniquely identified, guaranteeing that users can only use Lefis needles when using our microneedling equipment. It ensures that our agents, when managing offline beauty salons, can work together for a long time.


Gold Microneedle Configuration

One invasive handle + one non-invasive handle

Two different needle sizes: 25 needles (10mm*10mm), 49 needles (15mm*15mm)

Matching one non-invasive needle with vacuum technology, more precise, more effective and more comfortable.