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Hair Removal Products

Effectively removes hair of all colours, suitable for all skin colours and can remove unwanted hair anywhere.

Hair Removal Products

Mini 808 Hair Removal

Mini Epilator

new VCL LED 808w

VCL LED, LED gentle hair removal

Portable hair removal device 808n

Portable epilator, high power

new 808nm laser machine

Handsaw Epilator, Large Screen

808nm laser hair removal technology

Old style epilator

best machine K27laser

Large Screen Epilator

We develop solutions for:


Body Sculpting


Skin Revitalization

Tattoo Removal

Scar Revisions

Osram laser bar

Adopting OSRAM laser bars with power up to 200W per bar and 300W maximum power.

And the output power is guaranteed to be stable, ensuring consistent results every time when users use the machine.

Compressor/TEC cooling system

Environmentally Friendly Cooling: Uses water, air, and semiconductor TEC system.

Ensures comfort and safety, cooled to -5°C for painless treatment.

High Definition Hand Saw with Screen

Output power prompts, temperature display, operating prompts. Effectively assist the user to operate.

Intelligent operating system

According to different skin colours, different parts of the hair, to regulate, need to output power, to ensure that different parts of the body treatment, you can use different treatment parameters.


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