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Nd Yag Laser C20

Tattoo Removal

Improvement of pigmentation

Improve skin texture and tone

Using 1064nm and 755nm wavelengths

Asterite Laser

High Power

Nd yag laser C20
Picosecond machine treatment process

ND Yag Theory of Principle

The LEFIS Nd:YAG laser is a powerful laser that can penetrate deep into the skin due to its near-infrared wavelength, making it effective for treating large blood vessels and skin pigmentation issues by targeting hemoglobin and melanin.


  • Hair removal results based on wavelength:
  • 1064nm wavelength: most effective in removing blonde and black hair.
  • 755nm wavelength: more effective in removing white, red and light brown hair. 2.
  • Advantages of alexandrite laser hair removal:
  • Removes hair 4-5 times faster than other methods.
  • It takes only 10-20 minutes to treat large areas of hair and a few minutes to treat small areas of hair.
  • Usually, only 2-3 treatments are required for permanent hair removal. 4.
  • Effective for light-coloured short hairs:
  • Quickly get rid of all kinds of colour spots, with tattoos

ND Yag C20 handle
Liquid Nitrogen Cooling System
Original Spot Diameter 3nm
Handle tip

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