IPL hair removal machine

About Lefis

With 16 years of precipitation and development in the beauty industry, LEFIS has grown into China's leading comprehensive service provider of beauty equipment and one of the most influential Chinese beauty equipment brands in the world. Relying on the high performance and high safety of beauty equipment, it is trusted and supported by many customers around the world!

Our Advantage

The trust of global customers in us stems from the distinctive advantages of our products

Equipment Safety Certification Service

The equipment production based on the ISO equipment quality control system, we provide business certificate certification services to meet the requirements of different

Own Equipment Production Plant

Full Service—research&development, modeling, production and quality inspection The Delivery Time of Bulk Trade could be strictly guaranteed–time

Free professional OEM/ODM design

Providing precise customized services according to customer requirement and design fee refund & free ODM service for bulk trade.

Premium quality
and great price

Full-process professional engineer guidance service, training video tutorials and face-to-face explanations in multiple languages

Lefis RF Machine HC3-F

Customer Reviews

Real testimonials from customers around the world on the use of Lefis beauty equipment

"The effect of the laser hair removal device is very good. It is completely removed after two uses, and it will not grow.."

Jason Swartzman

US Customers

"After using vaginal rejuvenation machines a few times, the effect is very obvious and it is very convenient to use"

Susan Whiting

UK Customers

"My clients love using the LEFIS electrical muscle stimulator, the results are amazing, the results are really good, and the price is low"

Frank Simons

German Customers