After calibrating the laser setting and treatment schemes,skin pigmented lesions are effectively removed and better cosmetic effects are achieved.
Pigmented lesions cover a wide range, including various stains, sunburns, freckles, age spots, pregnancy spots and birth spots, etc., making the skin look dull, rough, and old.

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The market prospect of the pigment removal

Pigmented skin lesions are extremely common. Almost all patients have many pigmented lesions on the skin. After consultation, pigmented skin lesions are extremely common in general practice. 80% of consumers are actively seeking to effectively improve their skin tone and Texture method.

Pigment treatment

Pigmented lesions, whether it is freckles, sunburn, or stains, all request separate treatment. The laser wavelength, the delivered energy and the spot size need to be customized specifically, to solve the different pigment problems of the patient.

Lefis pigmented lesions solutions

Before investing in the treatment of pigment lesions device, you should consider the following factors:

Patient satisfaction:

1.Is it a more comfortable way to remove pigmentation?

2.Is the recovery period shorter? Is care more easy during the recover period?

3.Has it passed the medical quality system certification?

Advantages of the device:

1.Is it easy to use?

2.Can a shorter recovery period be achieved?

3.Can a personalized pigment removal plan be provided according to the patient’s facial condition?

Requirements for the brand manufacturers:

1.Can provide long-term effective clinical training services?

2.Can provide an international medical system certificate?

3.Can provide a proven record of treatment results?

4.Can provide a full range of the after-sales support?

Lefis optimized the pigment removal technology, and set different wavelengths and modes for the treatment of each pigment. Therefore, whether it is pigmented lesions or damage caused by photoaging, it can provide safe and effective results, get a brighter and more even skin color faster with a shorter recovery period

1.Precise positioning: Lefis’s pigment removal deviceallows users to adjust thespot size according to the customer’s specific situation for more precise pigment removal.

2.Intelligentinterfacesystem: The intuitive and easy-to-use smart platform system allows you to quickly access the saved treatment settings.

3.The clinically verified effect: Lefis optimized pigment removal technology ensures that better results can be obtained in a shorter time.


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