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There are two main reasons for wrinkles:

The aging of the skin caused by the sunshine will cause the loss of collagen and elastin, which will make skin become loose, lose its fullness and tension, and form creases. Gradually, the creases formed by the creases will turn into wrinkles.

Facial movement pulls the skin, and creases, lines or wrinkles are formed where muscles attach to the skin.

Ways to get rid of wrinkles

An effective wrinkles removal treatment must be a customized treatment method for facial skin, static or dynamic wrinkles or both, and both types of facial skin wrinkles can be smoothed by laser-type skin rejuvenation methods.

LEFIS wrinkles removal solutions

You should consider the following factors before investing in wrinkles removal equipment:

Patient satisfaction:

1.Is it less painful and less invasive degree than surgery?

2.Can it provide customized wrinkles removal methods instead of injections?

3.Has it passed the medical quality system certification?

Advantages of the equipment:

1.Is it easy to use?

2.Can a shorter recovery period be achieved?

3.Is it possible to provide a personalized anti-wrinkle plan based on each patient’s facial condition?

Requirements for brand manufacturers:

1.Can it provide long-term and effective clinical training services?

2.Can it provide an international medical system certification certificate?

3.Can it provide a verified record of the results?

4.Can it provide a full range of after-sales support?

5.With the advancement of international technology, can it provide new technologies be continuously updated?

LEFIS provides professional wrinkles removal solutions, which are clinically validated, non-surgical, personalized and customized. Through the “beneficial damage” method, it causes the skin’s own healing response and stimulates the growth of collagen and elastin. In addition to improving wrinkles, It can also increase skin elasticity and make the whole face look younger.

1.Safely and effectively removal the wrinklesaround the eyes, mouth, cheeks and forehead.

2.It can reduce unnecessary skin aging and restoresmooth and flawless skin without invasive surgery.

3.After clinical verification, most patients have good expected results in 1-3 courses of treatment

4.Provide personalized customized solutions according to different skin issue to make the skin firmer.


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