RF Microneedling Machine H2-K6


Using radio frequency waves to heat and penetrate deep into the skin layer to tighten the skin, the heat stimulates and remodels the collagen within the skin to remove acne, reduce pores, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, and facelift, skin rejuvenation, and body stretch marks. Increase skin elasticity and whiten skin.


  • Korean needle, ABS material
  • High energy RF needle, insulated RF needle tip, tip delivers energy, depths up to 4mm.
  • A mild current independent research and development system can work continuously for 24 hours.

Healing part:

  • Effectively removes acne scars and regenerates the skin
  • Improve uneven skin tone
  • Removes texture, stretch marks, fine lines, mana lines, and more
  • Increase blood circulation, change hair and skin luster
  • Increases collagen production, stimulates hyaluronic acid production

Professional Training:

As long as the purchase is successful, professional trainers will be provided to explain the machine’s functions in detail. We are equipped with professional trainers in English, Japanese, Spanish and other languages ​​​​to provide you with personalized training. We have professional licensed beauticians, through various chat software and video calls, to provide you with training.

Don’t worry about not being able to use the machine after purchasing it. When you buy Lifes RF Microneedling Machine H2-K6, enjoy 24 hours after-sales service.


You can choose air freight, DHL/TNT/FedEx/UPS door-to-door express, or sea freight.

We are equipped with a professional logistics team. We provide door-to-door service after purchasing the product according to the logistics method you need after purchasing the product, such as express, Sea, air, railway (DHL/TNT/FedEx/UPS, etc.) transportation.

The machines are all packaged in an air box, and the therapy probes are packaged separately and shipped in sterile bags.

Delivery time: about 3~7 days


Comprehensive documents with CE, FDA, ROHS, ISO, and other professional certificates.


Product nameRF Golden Micro-needle
RF Frequency1.18Mhz
RF Power1-120W
Vacuum time0.5-0.3s
TipsInvasive 25pins/49pins
Tips2Non Invasive 49pins
Display10.4 inch touch screen
SuctionLevel 1-6
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