• Removes tattoos of all colors, including blue, grey, and black.
  • Lightens age spots, blemishes, and other hyperpigmentation.
  • Improves skin tone and reduces wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Tightens skin


  • Multiple wavelengths of ND YAG Q-switched lasers can effectively address different skin concerns.
  • Removes tattoos with 532nm and 1064nm wavelengths and blemishes with 1320nm wavelength.
  • The 755nm wavelength is also used to reduce wrinkles and improve skin texture.
  • Uses a dual cooling system (air and water) for optimal comfort and safety.
  • Features a large display and intelligent operating system for user convenience.
  • Can run continuously without downtime to maximize efficiency.


  • The ND YAG laser uses infrared wavelengths to penetrate deep into the skin to target tattoos, spots, and hyperpigmentation.
  • Different wavelengths can be used to effectively address specific skin problems such as tattoo color or age spots.

LEFIS ND YGA Machine Advantages

  • Imported Canadian laser technology ensures high energy output for maximum results with every treatment.
  • Ruby Q-switching technology and dual cooling system provide excellent cooling effects for more comfortable treatment.
  • Provides continuous 24/7 operation for optimal profit optimization.
  • Ideal for large salons and spas.

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