ND YAG laser is a solid-state laser that permeates deep right into the skin with infrared wavelengths, which can successfully remove tattoos, minimize various spots, eliminate different pigments in pores, and boost complexion.

ND YAG Q-switched laser penetrates deep right into the skin via different wavelengths to address different troubles.
1,532 nm, 1064nm wavelength to eliminate blue, grey and also black tattoos of different colours
The wavelength of 2,1320 nm is made used to eliminate numerous colour spots, such as age spots, freckles, etc 3,755 nm can successfully lower wrinkles and enhance skin

Elimination of tattoos of different colours
Get rid of age places, blemishes
Get rid of pigment from the skin
Whitens minimizes facial creases as well as fine lines
The company as well as firm skin

Laser imported from Canada, high energy, maximum impact every time
Ruby Q-switching, twin cold cutting system, air cooling as well as water cooling, excellent cooling effect
Large display, intelligent os
7 * 1 day of the job, no downtime, to optimize your profits.
Ideal for significant beauty salons as well as salons

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