nd yag laser hair removal



The LEFIS Nd:YAG laser is a powerful laser that can penetrate deep into the skin due to its near-infrared wavelength, making it effective for treating large blood vessels and skin pigmentation issues by targeting hemoglobin and melanin.

Q-switched ND YAG Laser machine


  • 1064nm: Best for golden and black hair.
  • 755nm: Ideal for white, red, and light brown hair.
  • Speeds up hair removal by 4-5 times.
  • Large areas treated in 10-20 minutes; small areas in minutes.
  • Typically needs 2-3 sessions for permanent results.
  • Some need only 1 session for areas like the abdomen.


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About Lefis Nd Yag Laser Machine C20

1. Hair Removal Effectiveness based on Wavelengths:

1064nm wavelength:** Most effective for removing golden and black hair.
755nm wavelength:** More effective for removing white, red, and light brown hair.

2. Advantages of Alexandrite Laser for Hair Removal:

Can speed up hair removal by 4-5 times compared to other methods.
Treats large areas in 10-20 minutes and small areas in just a few minutes.

3. Number of Sessions Required:

Typically, permanent hair removal requires only 2-3 sessions.
Some clients achieve permanent results after just one session for areas like the abdomen.

4. Effectiveness on Short and Light Skin Hair:

Provides excellent results for removing short and tiny hair.
Effective for hair removal on light skin tones.

Machine handle

 Machine 3mm handle
 Machine 3mm handle  c20

Liquid Nitrogen Cooling System

Liquid nitrogen cooling system


ne yag Liquid nitrogen cooling system

Original Spot Diameter 3nm

nd yag Original Spot Diameter 3nm

Original Spot Diameter 12nm
nd yag Original Spot Diameter 12nm

Original Spot Diameter 16nm

nd yag Original Spot Diameter 16nm

Handle tip

Handle tip

nd yag Handle tip


Before and After


Laser TypeLong pulse solid-state laser
Pulse Energy100J (1064nm) 6OJ(755nm)
Power Supply120-220VAC 50/6OHz
Cooling SystemClosed water cycle refrigerationand large area cooling system
Original Spot Diameter3mm 12mm 16mm
Laser Wavelength1064nm /1064nm+755nm
Display10.4″TFT True Color Touch Screen
Beam propagation1.0 mm high power quartz fiber
Epidermal CoolingLiquid nitrogen cooling system

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