Providing a variety of customized solutions for problem skin such as scars, acne, stretch marks, etc.
According to the survey: 90% of acne patients are affected by scars, 95% of pregnant women suffer from stretch marks in the third trimester, and more than 17 million patients urgently need scar treatment every year.

The market prospect for Scars&acne&stretch marks 

More than 60% of patients are affected by scars & acne, and up to 95% of women are affected by stretch marks. As times goes on, these Phenomenon may diminish, but it will not disappear completely. Many people have difficulty in building self-confidence because of the unsightly face or body. Therefore, various treatment ways appearing  in the beauty market are becoming more and more popular. Among them, the Photoelectric type device are more popular in the beauty market for its remarkable effect, short recovery period, and high safety 

Lefis scar & acne & stretch mark solutions:

Before you invest in scar & acne & stretch marks equipment, you should consider the following factors:

Patient satisfaction:

1.Is the effect significant?

2.Does it provide more comfortable treatment?

3.Is the recovery period shorter? Is care more easy during the recover period?

Advantages of the device:

1.Is it easy to use?

2.Can it treat for all kinds skin types?

3.Can a personalized anti-wrinkle plan be provided according to the specific conditions of the patient?

Requirements for the brand manufacturers:

1.Can provide long-term effective clinical training services?

2.Can provide an international medical system certificate?

3.Can provide a proven record of treatment results?

4.Can provide all round of the after-sales support?

Lefis, based on photoelectric therapy to dilute scars and remove pigmentation, provides safe and effective photoelectric surgery to solve various scars, acne, and stretch marks.

This series of actions to stimulate collagen regeneration. So as to achieve the purpose of  reorganize, soften and smooth texture scars, improve the patient’s skin appearance and increase the patient’s self-confidence!

1.Lefis Co2 Fractional Laser uses a non-stripping method to create a network of thousands of microscopic heat pillars in the skin surface and deep layers, which stimulates the skin to automatically repairing, thereby improving the skin’s overall texture, tone, stretch marks, and acne and surgical scars and so on.

2.Lefis Microneedle RF–therapy process is well tolerated, and has been proven to be effective in reducing scars and stretch marks caused by acne, surgery or burns

3.Lefis IPL can control the emission of light energy to the skin, and the skin changes accordingly after absorbing enough light energy. It can be safer and more effective to get the ideal skin condition by the effective stimulation of light when treating scars, acne, and stretch marks.

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