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RF Machine H2-K6

Wrinkle Removal

Tighten skin

Reduce Pores

Two handles

Gold plated needle

Needle length: 0.1-4mm;0.1-3.5mm;3.5-4mm

Needle size : 25pins(10mm*10mm) 49pins(15mm*15mm)

RF Machine H2-K6
RF machine treatment process
Microneedle Procedure

RF Theory of Principle

By stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, it effectively reduces wrinkles and minimises pores for firmer and fuller skin.


  • With vacuum , more precise, effective and comfortable
  • Stepping Motor Type is Different from cheap RF microneedle machines, the needle won’t stuck, no bleeding, no pain.
  • Gold Plated and Insulated Needles:
  • high Bio-compatibility and durable, No metal allergy
  • Friendly to all patient.
  • Precise Depth Control. 0.1~4.0mm [0.1mm Step]
  • Operates epidermis layer and dermis layer.
  • Elaborate Needle:
  • Thickness 0.2mm, easy penetrate the skin with minimum resistance.
RF treatment principles
Gold Microneedle
Microneedle treatment head
Configuration with 3 differential needles

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