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Nd Yag Laser X808N

Remove tattoos

Improve your skin

Lefis Nd:YAG lasers: specialising in skin treatments, configured with three wavelengths, short pulses and Q-switching. Effectively removes tattoos of all colours.

Portable hair removal device 808n
nd yag tattoo removal


532nm, 1320nm 1064nm 3 kinds of wavelengths, effectively remove, all kinds of tattoos, freckles, and can whitening


  • Canadian imported laser, high energy, 2000mj, frequency up to 10Hz.
  • One light, one rod, jewellery q
  • Air-cooled + water-cooled, cold cutting system
  • Intelligent system, high resolution screen
Various laser heads
Professional hand saws
water Filter
Operating heads

Before and after treatment

nd yag tattoo removal before and after
nd yag to get rid of back of neck tattoo
Tattoo Removal Before and After
Eyebrow removal before and after

Machine Video


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