X9 Portable Q-switched ND:yag laser tattoo removal machine


Laser technology has greatly improved the ability to treat melanocvtic Efficacy of Ruby and Nd:YAG Laser Wavelengths esions and tattoos with the rapidly pulsed Q-switched neodymium:yttrium -aluminium -garnet (Nd:YAG) laser. The laser treatment of E pigmented lesions and tattoos are based on principle of selected photothermolysis.

The Q-switched laser Systems can successfully lighten or eradicate a variety of benign epidermal and derma pigme-nted lesions and tattoos with minimal risk of untoward effects.

Key benefits

  • Imported lamp and rod, the energy of beam is more precise
  • Less energy loss
  • Exquisiteappearance


  • Improve skin quality
  • Eyebrow depigmentation
  • Remove pigment
  • Black face doll

Nd:Yag laser

Nd:Yag laser is named after the laser medium, Neodymium: yytrium-alumunium-garnet.. This laser was specifically designed to help with pigmentation, roughness and also can help removing old tattoos.

  • Non-ablative Laser Rejuvenation (NALR-1320nm) using carbon peel for skin rejuvenation
  • 532nm: for treatment of epidermal pigmentation such as freckles, solar lentigo, epidermal melasma etc. (mainly for red and brown pigmentation)
  • 1064nm: for treatment of tattoo removal, dermal pigmentation and treating certain pigmentary conditions such as Nevus of Ota and Hori’s Nevus. (mainly for black and blue pigmentation)
Spot Diameter1-8MM
Width of Pulse6ns
Pulse Energy532/1064nm(1-2000mj)
Frequency1-10HZ adjustable
Operation Interface8.4 inch color LCD screen
YAG Bar Size6
Cooling SystemAir&Water Cooling


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