According to the survey: 85% of girls will have cellulite, witch usually shows on buttocks, thighs and arms after puberty. While the cellulite is not a disease from medical view, it is a beauty issue, which will be solved under the assistance of an aesthetic doctor or plastic surgeon.

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How To Get Rid of Cellulite?

The cellulite greatly affects the appearance of the skin. Therefore, there are many articles on removing cellulite, witch pointed out the treatment methods like changing diet, using cellulite cream, or mechanical treatment, etc. According to a large amount of clinical data, the most effective and comfortable method is radio frequency + mechanical massage.

LEFIS Cellulite solutions

You should consider the following factors before investing in Cellulite and body shaping equipment:

Patient satisfaction:

1.Is it a safe and non-invasive improvement method?

2.How long will it be effective?

3.Has it passed the medical quality system certification?

Advantages of the equipment:

1.Is it easy to use?

2.Is there no recovery period?

3.Is it suitable for customized and personalized solutions for cellulite removal and body shaping?

Requirements for brand manufacturers:

1.Can it provide long-term and effective clinical training services?

2.Can it provide an international medical system certification certificate?

3.Can it provide a verified record of the results?

4.Can it provide timely and professional after-sales service?

5.With the development of international technology, can it provide new technologies be continuously updated?

In order to remove the cellulite, LEFIS provides targeted high-frequency radio wave treatment, which uses heat energy to rejuvenate skin cells and promote the regeneration of collagen and elastin. Eventually the originally sagging skin will become firmer, and achieve the effect of lifting and shaping, so that the overall structure and texture of the skin will be improved. Moreover, the whole process is very safe and comfortable.


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