Permanently hair removal on all skin types , including white skin and olive or African-American skin

laser hair removal permanent machine

Hair Removal Market

As the improvement of living standards in developed and developing countries, the medical beauty industry developed rapidly, especially for the laser hair removal industry. As per the data from the American Society of cosmetic and plastic surgery, because of the significance and permanence of laser hair removal effect and the universality of all hair types, laser hair removal is the preferred safe and non-invasive hair removal method.

Hair Removal

Dermatologist recommends laser hair removal, which can safely and effectively remove unnecessary facial and body hair. Moreover, due to the continuous progress of laser technology, the hair of white skin and olive or African-American skin can be easily removed.

Hair Removal Solution From Lefis

Before you invest in laser hair removal equipment, you should consider the following factors:

The Satisfaction of Patient:

1.Comfortable or Not?

2.Could hair be removed permanently?

3.Is there a dynamic cooling function to improve efficiency and safety?

The advantages of the equipment itself:

1.Is it easy to use?

2.Is there a recovery period?

3.Whether it can provide different hair removal solutions according to different skin types?

4.Whether it can customize hair removal solutions according to customer needs?

Requirements for brand&manufacturer:

1.Whether it can provide the certification certificates of the international medical system ?

2.Is it possible to provide the verified result records?

3.Whether it can provide a full range of after-sales support.

4.With the progress of international technology, whether the new technology can be continuously updated?

Lefis hair removal equipment adopts the international advanced 808nm wavelength to achieve safe, effective and comfortable hair removal effect. It is widely applicable, including the recognized difficult to handle young fine hair, which has obvious effect after a course of treatment.

1.Precision. Lefis hair removal equipment can selectively aim at dark, rough and young fine hair without damaging the surrounding skin.

2.Speed. Each pulse duration of Lefis laser hair removal equipment takes only a fraction of a second and can treat multiple hairs simultaneously. Permanently remove excess hair from all parts of the body: cheek hair removal; Neck hair removal; Back hair removal; Chest hair removal; Axillary hair removal; Arm hair removal; Bikini line hair removal; Leg hair removal and so on.

3.It is equipped with synchronous cooling system to improve the comfort of hair removal.

4.Effect guarantee. Most patients can achieve permanent hair removal after an average of three to seven times treatments.


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