C16 Picosecond laser


Picosecond presents a new era in deep pigments shattering. offering optimal results for the removal of colorful tattoos and benign piąmented lesions with just few treatments. while minimizing the risk of damage to surrounding tissue.


Q-Switched (QS) laser

The Q-Switched (QS) laser is the most effective way to remove natural or artificial (tattoo) pigmentation, Uses an active Q-switched laser to deliver photo acoustic shockwaves to the target area through high laser intensities in short nanosecond pulses.

As the area heals, the body’s immune system flushes away the shattered pigment, revealing lighter, clear skin with minimal risk of scarring or hyper pigmentation.

The mechanical Q-switched effect works by vibrating and breaking up the pigment in the lesion or the ink particles in the tattoo.


Imported laser arm

Import laser arm: rate of energy loss $8%, Luxury design,Free 360%of rotation, ensure constant energy of laser power. It is more shock-resistant than existing products with advanced design.

SystemElectro-optical Q-Switched Nd: YAG Laser
Width of pulse2-6ns
Pulse Energy<1000mi @1064nm/ <500mj@532nm
Genesis mode4500mj
PTP mode50%energy increasing
Repetition RateUp to 10Hz
Spot Size2 to 10mm
Cooling SystemClosed-off water circulation +wind cooling
Dimension67(W)x 127(D)x 128(H) cm

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