Pico laser machine

PICO Laser Machine C19


CO2 Laser Machine C19


  • Reduce wrinkles & fine lines.
  • Lightens scars, especially acne and surgical scars.
  • Reduces pigmentation and brightens skin tone.
  • The skin is firmer and regains its elasticity.
  • Minimizes pores and improves skin texture.
  • Recovery is quick after surgery and minimal impact on surrounding skin.


Comprehensive documents with CE, FDA, ROHS, ISO, and other professional certificates.

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Machine handle

co2 laser Machine handle

Before and After


1064nm/532nm tips For tattoo removal, pigment removal, spot removal

co2 laser machine 1064nm/532nm tips

585nm tip,For Rosacea, flushing,rosacea, blue tattoo removal

co2 laser machine 585nm tip

650nm tip For Epidermal pigment, green tattoo
co2 laser machine 650nm tip

Fractional trip

Fractional tips For Skin rejuvenation,skin cleaning, wrinkle removal

co2 laser machine Fractional trip


755nm tips For Skin rejuvenation,skin cleaning

co2 laser machine 755nm tips

Parallel light collimator

Collimator For removal chloasma

co2 laser machine Collimator For removal chloasma


SystemPico Laser
Width  of  pulse2-6ns
Frequency1-10 Hz
Power120- 220VAC 50/60Hz
Cooling systemsClosed water cycle refrigerationand large area cooling system
Original Spot Diameter3mm 12mm 16mm
Laser Wavelength1064nm /1064nm+ 755nm
Beam propagation1.0 mm high power quartz fiber
Dimension108*52* 126cm

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