vcl led 808w



VCL LED Hair Removal utilizes LED phototherapy to reduce hair growth by targeting hair follicles with specific wavelengths of light. Compared to traditional laser or IPL hair removal methods, LED phototherapy is gentler, suitable for various skin types and hair colors, and reduces the risk of skin damage or discomfort.

vlc led 808w

The new VCL LED technology, more focused energy,less diffuse reflection on skin,penetrate deeper, direct to hair follicle


  • Hair Removal: Targets follicles for fewer and finer hairs.
  • Safety: Gentle LED phototherapy minimizes skin risks.
  • Versatility: Works for various skin tones and hair colors.
  • Comfort: Generally comfortable with minimal pain.
  • Long-lasting Results: Multiple sessions yield lasting hair reduction.
  • Skin Enhancement: Improves texture and reduces pigmentation for smoother skin.
  • Sparse Hair Growth: Reduces density and thickness over time.
  • Reduction in Skin Issues: Minimizes hair-related skin problems like folliculitis.


Comprehensive documents with CE, FDA, ROHS, ISO, and other professional certificates.

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About Lefis VCL LED Hair Removal 808W!

  • More Effective Hair Removal: VCL LED technology delivers stronger light energy, removing hair more effectively than traditional methods.
  • Quicker Sessions: VCL LED Hair Removal offers faster treatment times without compromising effectiveness.
  • Intelligent Approach: Smart algorithms ensure precise targeting, making hair removal smarter and more accurate.
  • Modernized Method: VCL LED Hair Removal combines advanced tech with innovative techniques for superior results.
  • No Consumables Needed: There’s no need for additional products, reducing ongoing costs and waste.
  • Continuous Operation: The system works 24/7 without breaks, ensuring uninterrupted service.

Professional Training:

  • Detailed user manual
  • Products can be customized
  • One-to-one professional training, support for multiple languages
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  • Detailed user manual
  • Products can be customized
  • One-to-one professional training, support for multiple languages
  • Professional 7*24 Hours Customer Service
  • 36 Months Warranty
  • Provide professional logistics services, Air, Sea, Railway (DHL/TNT/FedEx/UPS, etc.)
VCL LED  machine

Before and After

Well designed Handle

Handle Plug and play connector

vcl led Handle


ModelLED 808W
Spot size18*24mm
Frequency1-10 Hz adjustable
Cooling systemsAir&water cooling
Screen10.4’touch screen
Service7*24 Hours Customer Service
ProvideAir, Sea, Railway (DHL/TNT/FedEx/UPS, etc.)

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