What does rf microneedling do for your skin?

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The maintenance period after microneedle treatment, and what methods are used to maintain microneedle treatment.

What is RF Microneedling?
Microneedle therapy is also known as collagen induction therapy. Microneedle therapy stimulates the skin through needles of different depths. Produce collagen in the skin. The production of new collagen allows the skin to regain its luster.

What to treat:s

Microneedling treatment not only can make the skin shiny, but also can solve the following problems:

  • enlarged pores
  • wrinkles, fine lines
  • sagging skin
  • acne scars
  • hyperpigmentation, various spots
  • improve texture
  • stretch marks
  • sunburn

How long will it take to see results after microneedling?
After microneedling treatment, the effect is obvious in 2-3 weeks.
72 hours after treatment, the treated area will feel dry, lack moisture, and become red with the erythema. This is due to the regeneration process of collagen and elastin in the skin.
For the first week after treatment, adequate daily fluid intake is required.

What age is suitable for rf microneedling skin treatment?
There is no specific age requirement for microneedle treatment. Generally, if you have problems such as wrinkles, enlarged pores, and sagging skin, you can receive rf microneeding skin treatment . Generally, the sooner you treat skin problems before they appear, the better the effect.

Is pregnancy suitable for microneedling?
In rf microneedling skin, anesthetic cream or needles are used to numb the treated area. During this process, the fetus may be affected. It is recommended to contact the therapist before micro-needle treatment to see if it is suitable for micro-needle treatment.

How long do microneedling effects last?
The effect of treatment is different for each person, whether effective care after treatment. Both will affect the duration of the effect of rf microneedling skin.
The effect of microneedling can last for 6-12 months.

What to expect after rf microneedling skin treatment

After microneedling treatment, you need to pay attention to the following:

  • Avoid sun exposure
  • Do not take a bath for 24 hours after rf microneedling skin treatment
  • For 72 hours, do not wear makeup or exercise.
  • Adequate hydration, supplements
  • Supplement vitamin C, eat more oranges, lemons, etc.

In addition, you can learn about the safety of rf microneedling skin treatment through the official website of the US FDA.

Do I need multiple microneedling treatments?
The effect of microneedling can only last for 6-12 months. Or the first treatment didn’t do what you wanted. You can do microneedling again.

Can I buy a home rf microneedling skin machine by myself?
It is absolutely possible. Suppose you can buy Lei Feishi’s household microneedle machine. In that case, we will provide the following:
Professional training.
A machine warranty for 2 years.
7*24 hours of professional customer service.

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