How is gold microneedle aimed at the effect of contractile pore?

Large pores are a very common and common problem, but they’re also one of the more difficult skin problems to deal with. Because the cause of bulky pores is also more, it may be because of aging, oil secretion may be too prosperous, and so on. Do some people say that gold microneedles can improve pore size, the effect of gold micro shrinkage pores in the end? Dr. Murray Skin is here to tell you.

How is gold microneedle aimed at the effect of contractile pore?

Gold microneedle capacity combines microneedle minimally invasive, segmented shuttle technology and radio wave function, using a microneedle radio probe that can be adjusted to different depths. When the microneedles in the probe penetrate the skin, they simultaneously release radio waves of 1 million HZ. This wave, released only at the bottom tip, heats the collagen in the deep dermis evenly and efficiently,

The dermis is stimulated to induce collagen production and the rearrangement of fibroblast cells, so as to tighten skin, improve coarse pores, reduce fine lines, improve acne pit, and other effects.

Moreover, gold microneedles can control the size of pores, resist the relaxation of pores, and reduce the negative effects of pores. So on the whole, the effect of gold is relatively ideal for shrinking pores and improving coarse pores.

However, for some serious pores, it is possible that the gold microneedle can not shrink the pores at one time, and it may be necessary to do about 2-3 times of gold microneedle to achieve the ideal state.

Is gold microneedle safe?

Gold microneedles are fed through the skin with mechanical and physical microneedles, and assist radio frequency through the microneedles to act on the collagen-stimulated area of the deep skin, so as to achieve the purpose of collagen regeneration and remodeling, and improve the skin texture at the source. In theory, gold microneedles are relatively safe. Because this project is not a very complex project, the development so far, its technology has been relatively mature.

However, a very important factor affecting the gold microneedle is the operation of the doctor. If the doctor’s technology is not qualified, improper operation, it is likely to cause irreversible damage to the skin.

Therefore, in order to seek beauty of their own safety, and the postoperative effect of gold microne is more guaranteed, for beauty or to go to the regular hospital, find a professional doctor.

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