Laser hair removal should be selected for body hair removal

What method should be used to remove body hair? This is a problem that people with more body hair are more concerned about. Now most of them use laser hair removal. It is an effective and lasting treatment. Less body hair can be used for hair implant, so laser hair removal should be selected to solve it. It has a series of advantages such as fast operation speed, light pain and low side effects.

The specific advantages of laser hair removal are as follows:

Advantage 1: this method has a wide range of body hair removal, and the hair of all parts of the body (such as lip hair, armpit hair, limb hair, etc.) can be treated. Moreover, the principle of “selective photothermal effect” of laser determines that the laser has a strong effect on thicker and blacker hair follicles (more melanin) and good hair removal effect. The finer and softer the hair, the lighter the hair color, the worse the depilation effect. Because there is no melanin in hair follicle, laser treatment is ineffective.

Advantage 2: the 755 nm laser machine equipped with cooling device can play a good role in protecting the epidermis. There is no pain when removing body hair by laser hair removal, and there is no damage to the epidermis after treatment, and there is no worry of leaving scars. It usually needs to be done 3 ~ 5 times to be fully effective. Because the growth of hair goes through three stages: growth period, regression period and rest period. Melanin exists in hair follicles during growth, and laser can destroy hair follicles at this stage. There is less melanin in hair follicles in degenerative stage, and the damage effect of laser on hair follicles is weak. There is no melanin in the hair follicle in the resting period, which has no effect on it. Only when the hair follicle in the resting period changes into the hair follicle in the growing period, will it play the role of removing body hair.

Before treatment, there is no need to make any preparations. Within two weeks after hair removal, the treatment site should avoid ultraviolet radiation to avoid causing transient pigmentation. Therefore, the effective method to remove body hair is laser hair removal. It has the above advantages, so it has been highly praised by many people. It is an ideal hair removal method. The above introduction is for reference only. Please go to the hospital for detailed consultation with experts.

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