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Through this article, you can learn about the advantages of HIFU treatment over traditional surgery and the time required for HIFU treatment.

HIFU principle
High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) focuses ultrasound energy on a target area and heats the cells in the target area, stimulating the cells to produce new collagen. The following effects can be achieved:

  • Reduces Wrinkles, Improves Skin
  • Reduce crow’s feet
  • Tighten skin
  • Reduce nasolabial folds
  • Improve neck texture
  • Raise eyebrows

How Long Does HIFU Heal Take?
The areas that need to be healed are different for each person, so the length of time that needs to be treated will vary. Such as the face and neck, which need 30-90 minutes. It generally takes 30-60 minutes to heal a body part.

Is it painful to perform HIFU surgery?
HIFU works by heating the cells in the skin so that you may experience swelling and tingling after the procedure. There may also be minor bruising or numbness.

Is HIFU treatment safe?
HIFU remedyis non-invasive and non-invasive. Low risk. There is no recovery time. Since its inception in 1940, 250,000 HIFU treatments have been performed worldwide. Moreover, get FDA approval.

What age is suitable for HIFU therapy.
HIFU therapy, the sooner, the better. In addition to removing wrinkles and improving skin texture, HIFU can effectively prevent skin ageing.
Generally speaking, from age 30, the skin ages, and the sagging begins to be very obvious. It is recommended to start HIFU medicine between 25-30. It can effectively improve your skin.

HIFU treatment process
HIFU treatment follows the following steps:
Prior to HIFU therapy, cleansing medicine targets are performed.
On the healed area, apply cosmetic cream and use ultrasound gel.
The treating doctor will aim the HIFU device at the healing area. The healing process takes about 30-90 minutes; during the healing process, you may feel slight heat and tingling.
After the treatment, LED light therapy and a collagen mask are used. Improve HIFU healing effect.

HIFU vs Traditional Surgery

NameHIFUTraditional surgery
Intrusivenon-invasiveSurgery requiring incisions and stitches, invasive
Recovery Timeno recovery timeRequires 2-4 weeks of recovery
costCost $1,000-3,000Cost $5,000+
There is a riskRedness, swelling may occur after treatmentAnesthesia, bleeding, pain, etc. may occur
Treatment timeTreatment time 30-90 minutesTreatment time 90-180 minutes
Effect durationThe effect lasts for 6-12 monthsThe effect lasts for more than 2-3 years

Compared with traditional surgery, HIFU is less risky, non-invasive, and has no recovery time. It can effectively improve your skin problems.

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