Reduce fat, increase muscle
Capable of slimming, sculpting, muscle building, lipolysis and buttock lifting

Stimulates nerve cells and improves muscles
Suitable for weight loss, body contouring, muscle building, lipolysis, and buttock lifting.
Non-invasive procedure, no surgery required

– EMS uses high-intensity electromagnetic fields to stimulate nerve cells, leading to muscle contraction.
– Muscle contraction triggers the release of free fatty acids, leading to fat cell dysfunction and subsequent cell death.

– 10 Tesla high intensity ensures full stimulation of fat and muscle.
– 3000W ultra-high power to ensure maximum therapeutic effect.
– Continuous running capacity of up to 24 hours.
– Newly upgraded air-cooling system ensures continuous machine performance.
– Intelligent and expert modes for multiple operations.
– Self-developed intelligent operating system, easy to use.

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