IPL hair elimination device, hair removal therapy, additionally called facial photo treatment, is a non-surgical technique.
It is used in different ways to get rid of hair, eliminate crawler lines, as well as enhance skin appearance and pigmentation.

Through different wavelengths: 430nm-1200nm, IPL acts upon the corresponding skin to achieve various effects.
1,530 nm ~ 1200nm: Eliminate blemishes, vascular sores and also face imperfections
2,590 nm ~ 1200nm: Photorejuvenation
3,640 nm ~ 1200nm: Hair elimination
4,480 nm ~ 1200nm: acne, pigment elimination
5,750 nm ~ 1200nm: Hair removal

1, tattoo cleaner
2, get rid of scars
3, eliminate face creases
4, Anti-aging, skin rejuvenation equipment

1,5 in one piece of equipment can meet all the demands of salons, beauty salons, and also people engaged in the elegance industry.
2, No loss, 7 * 1-day power on, high performance, assure the maximum power whenever.
3, Safe, peaceful, as well as totally abide by worldwide standards, CE, FDA, ROHS, ISO, etc
4, Refrigeration film imported from Japan, sapphire, xenon light imported from the UK, the service life can reach 2 million rounds.
5, All-aluminum dental caries with the silver-plated procedure, incorporated water and electrical energy plug, to make sure no leakage of water and also electrical energy.
6, The user interface system is easy to run.

Supply one-to-one training and global logistics.

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