Fractional Laser Removal of Stretch Marks is Powerful

I was pregnant in October and became a child. After the birth, I found not only a piece of flesh in my stomach, but also a circle of flesh on my waist, as well as stretch marks. Stretch marks affect the beauty of the belly, especially in summer, don’t expect to wear clothes that show your waist, but now the medical beauty technology is advanced, such as fractional laser can help mothers to remove stretch marks.

The main cause of stretch marks is depigmentation, which makes the stretch marks appear white stripes, the skin is loose and atrophied to varying degrees, the skin shows a crepe paper appearance, and the collagen fibers are broken.

Fractional laser can penetrate the epidermis into the deep dermis, stimulate the fibroblasts in the interstitial dermal cells through photothermal action to produce collagen molecules, and the collagen molecules gradually combine into new collagen in an orderly arrangement, thereby regenerating the cells. Connects broken collagen points, improves skin texture and condition, and reduces cord streaks. The light and heat of the laser can blast the gasified pigment cells, thereby diluting the pigment of stretch marks and returning the skin to a normal state.

The above is the detailed introduction of CICI on the removal of stretch marks by fractional laser. For more detailed understanding of beauty equipment, please contact Beijing LEFIS beauty equipment manufacturer CICI.