What brand of laser hair remover is good?

For partners who are just engaged in the beauty industry, they want to know which brand of laser hair removal instrument is easy to use and has good effect. There are only two reasons. First, there are too many people who choose hair removal, so they want to earn the first pot of gold. Second, there are so many hair removal instruments on the market that they don’t know how to choose.

Lefis is a pioneer and innovator in China’s beauty industry market. The 17 years of beauty industry experience of China’s top ten beauty enterprises can tell you that 808 hair remover is the first choice for laser hair removal.

808 laser hair removal instrument uses the selective photopyrolysis of laser. The melanin in hair follicle absorbs a large amount of laser energy, and the temperature increases sharply, resulting in the destruction of hair follicle and the tissue around hair follicle, the loss of hair nutrient source and complete removal.

Price of laser hair remover

  • The wavelength of 808nm is the standard of hair removal laser. While the laser is absorbed by melanin in hair follicle, the absorption of hemoglobin is reduced to a certain extent. It is called a safe and effective hair removal instrument. 808 laser hair removal instrument adopts contact cooling system to ensure that the epidermal tissue will not be damaged and there is no discomfort during hair removal.
  • With the laser wavelength and ultra long pulse width approved by FDA, the laser energy has sufficient time to destroy hair stem, hair follicle and hair, and truly realize permanent hair removal. Specific wavelengths can remove deep hair follicles. Under the electron microscope, the hair follicles were completely destroyed.
  • A leading technology expert operating system is designed to automatically combine the pulse width and energy required for hair of the same race, population, gender, position, skin color and different thickness, so as to achieve painless depilation, permanent depilation and rapid depilation. 808 laser hair removal instrument has better effect and less times, which determines its higher price, because it is a professional hair removal instrument, which is much higher than the price of OPT and e light. If it is a professional hair removal beauty salon, you can use this instrument, and the effect is very good.
  • 808 depilator is the wavelength of pigment absorption, which can be strongly absorbed by melanin in hair follicle. The depilation effect is better than traditional depilation methods, and the number of depilation is less. Lip hair that cannot be removed by traditional hair removal methods can be easily removed.

Most of the global beauty instruments are produced in China. We know what kind of beauty instruments the world market needs. This is also the foundation of lefis’s development. We always use the best products and services to provide the most cost-effective products for beauty workers all over the world. If you are a beauty salon, you can come to lefis to select the instruments with great therapeutic effect. You are an agent. You can come to lefis to select the products with the most cost-effective. If you want to run your own brand, you can also come to lefis. We will help you design and produce your ideal products. Design, production, sales, service training, we serve you in all aspects.

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