808nm Diode Laser Hair Removal Device


The LEFIS 808nm laser hair removal equipment is a cutting-edge medical beauty device extensively employed for eliminating unwanted body hair. This equipment uses a 808 nanometer wavelength laser, specially crafted for permanent hair removal.

LEFIS 808nm laser hair removal: Easy, effective, and secure. It reaches deep into the skin to target hair follicles, eliminating them with minimal effect on the surrounding skin. Bid farewell to unwanted hair with assurance.

  • 500W High Power Output
  • American Imported Laser
  • Sapphire Cooling Technology
  • 10.1-inch HD Touch Screen
  • 4 Wavelengths:755nm, 808nm, 940nm, 1064nm
  • USA Coherent Laser

Comprehensive documents with CE, FDA, ROHS, ISO, and other professional certificates.

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What Is 808nm laser hair removal?

Lefis 808nm laser hair removal works through photothermal effects. By penetrating the skin’s surface, it targets hair follicles. Melanin in the follicles absorbs the laser energy, converting it to heat, which then destroys the follicles, preventing regrowth. By specifically targeting melanin, it reduces damage to the surrounding skin, ensuring safe and effective hair removal.

808nm laser hair removal technology advancements
808nm diode laser for hair removal


Boost Your Spa’s Profits with Laser Hair Removal

Achieve maximum profitability and return on investment (ROI) with the LEFIS Diode Laser. With just 6 Laser Hair Removal Treatment packages sold, you can break even on your investment – a testament to its exceptional ROI.

With LEFIS Diode Laser, you achieve your investment’s break-even point by selling just 6 Laser Hair Removal Treatment packages – a
testament to its outstanding ROI.
Alongside financial returns, LEFIS delivers effective hair removal results, bolstering client loyalty and propelling your spa business growth.
With the average cost of a laser treatment in the USA standing at $365, incorporating an efficient diode laser such as the LEFIS into your spa operations can significantly enhance your annual profits. By conducting six treatments per day, your spa has the potential to generate a substantial yearly profit of approximately $385,440.

$365 *4 treatments *22 days*12 months = $385,440/year
The LEFIS Laser not only brings in substantial revenue but also ensures satisfied customers with its superior performance
Technical Features
  • 500W High Power Output: Ensures faster and more effective hair removal results.
  • American Imported Laser: Provides highly efficient and thorough laser hair removal.
  • Sapphire Cooling Technology: Instantly cools the treatment area to 0-3°C, ensuring a comfortable treatment experience.
  • 10.1-inch HD Touch Screen: Easy and convenient operation.
  • Suitable for 6 Skin Types
  • 4 Wavelengths: Suitable for various skin tones and hair types (755nm, 808nm, 940nm, 1064nm).
  • Water Cooling + Air Cooling + TEC Refrigeration: Can work continuously for extended periods.
  • Large 12*18mm Spot Size.
  • Mixed Wavelength Output: 755nm + 808mm + 940mm + 1064mm.
  • USA Coherent Laser: Ensures quality and reliability.
  • Lightweight Design: Only 15kg, reducing shipping costs.
Functional Advantages
The LEFIS 808-O hair removal device offers not just efficient hair removal but also several functional advantages:
  • Long-lasting Hair Regrowth Inhibition.
    Effective Hair Removal after 3-5 Sessions.
    Cooling Technology for Comfort: Soothes skin and enhances the treatment experience.
    Suitable for Hair Removal and Skin Rejuvenation: Helps shrink pores.
    Long Lifespan and High Stability.
    Professional Safety and Quality Testing.
    Multiple Wavelengths: Suitable for various skin tones and hair types for optimal hair removal
Well designed Handle

Laser typeDiode laser
Laser wavelength755nm,808nm,940nm,1064nm
Display10.4 inch touch screen
Laser power500w
CoolingWater+Air+TEC Refrigeration
Coherent LaserUSA Coherent Laser
Spot size12*18mm²
TechnologySapphire Cooling Technology
QualityLong Lifespan and High Stability
808nm Diode Laser Treatment Before & After Photos

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