What I want to tell you about laser hair removal for men

In the past three years, the demand for men’s hair removal has gradually emerged. It is interesting that more and more men have come to my studio and the hospital where I work for hair removal in the past six months. This year has been nothing short of a blowout. It means that relative to hair removal, boys who are troubled by this aspect are no longer fickle with the opening of information and increasing awareness.

However, due to the lack of knowledge of hair removal, most men go to the doctor in a hurry. net.

In severe cases, there are many clinical complications caused by improper hair removal methods. Don’t underestimate the side effects of hair removal. Many of the clients I have seen have folliculitis caused by the use of razor blades or irritating hair removal creams, ranging from all over the legs to severe infections. The secretions should not be too disgusting, as large as rice worms. In the end, it is necessary to go to the surgery to remove the infected hair follicles. In mild folliculitis, only the pores will bulge. The traditional name is: ‘goose bumps’. The skin surface is covered with red particles. As shown in the figure below (due to considering everyone The sensory feeling, the photo did not put more serious)

Don’t shave hair just because of your ignorance or cheapness, because you never know how much it will cost to make up for the sequelae. And many are irreversible. As an aside, every time you shed your own hair, you’re spending more money on laser treatments. The price is in thousands.

In the past, when boys shed their hair, most of their occupations were in the entertainment industry. Most of them were Internet celebrities and little fresh meat, and there were relatively few other occupations. But in recent years, men have come to me for hair removal, and there are many even more masculine occupations, such as soldiers. IT men, CEOs of listed companies, these very successful men have a variety of occupations. In a word, they all have the problem of hair removal, not everyone thinks that people who come to hair removal are mothers or something.

Many people just pursue a more perfect self. It doesn’t look fresh and clean when it’s fluffy. There is nothing wrong with making yourself look healthier and more capable when the material conditions are relatively good.

Many men’s hair grows so crazy that after shaving in the morning, it grows densely in the afternoon, which really affects the image. When someone mentions him, he doesn’t even remember his name, it’s just the one with the beard!!!! Don’t be too embarrassed, the unshaven beard also affects everyone’s flirting.

When wearing shorts in summer, others joke that the boys wear wool pants and feel more or less uncomfortable. At first, some were embarrassed to consult or came over by themselves, but they all came with their partners for hair removal. The selection ranged from the initial beard, chest and abdomen or limbs, and gradually increased the need for underarms, which is a relatively rare hair removal requirement. There are more and more options for men’s hair removal in all areas. Compared with hair removal, everyone can openly express their needs. In my eyes, no matter how old you are, you are a patient (hair removal belongs to medical beauty and beauty), and there is no gender distinction.

According to my observation, there are two main groups of people asking questions.

The first one is completely confused about hair removal. I can’t tell what is good or bad. I only ask, what is laser freezing point hair removal? Will hair removal hurt? Are there any side effects? Is it permanent? How much? This type of person has less professional knowledge and is easily brainwashed by advertisements. Without making a professional judgment on hair removal, they will choose a hair removal agency or a certain studio, which is often used for publicity. The advertisement is, the low price of 99 yuan to take off! Freezing point painless! The package is permanent! Let’s not talk about the technology, please see my other article about the content of the hair removal machine

The second is that you have a relatively good understanding of hair removal. At first glance, people who have in-depth knowledge ask questions, such as:

  1. The permanent hair removal you mentioned is a concept in the industry, but the effect of men’s hair removal is good, but it will grow back in less than a year. Is it because of the male hormones and hormones, or is it not possible to achieve permanent hair removal?

LEFIS Freezing Point Hair Removal and other LEFIS technology brands are all good instruments. Men’s hair removal has not reached 3-5 years or even 2 years. Apart from the problem of instruments and hormones, what kind of explanation do you make?

Will the hair removal on the face shrink the pores? Or even if a hair removal effect is achieved, the pores have no hair, should the pores become smaller or larger, or there is no change? profession. At first glance, it is an old driver who often loses hair and keeps relapsing. Just don’t get too depressed.

At the same time, I also found that everyone is less concerned about how to avoid the risk of infection and reduce complications, which shows that everyone’s awareness of prevention and professional knowledge is too poor. Okay, let me answer some questions one by one

[Question 1] What is the standard for permanent hair removal?

A: Permanent hair removal is a standard definition by the World Health Organization. It refers to the treatment of hirsutism patients by laser pulverization to extract melanin to make the hair atrophy and fall off and finally reach a clinical end point, forming yellow-gray small villi that cannot be recognized by the naked eye. It can be maintained in a relatively stable state for a long time.

【Question 2】What exactly is hair removal?

A: Strictly speaking, hair removal belongs to medical beauty, and practitioners should have a background in medicine. It is not like the people on the market today who can be trained in one or two days. What the layman sees is hair, and what the layman sees is clinical.

[Question 3] The specific characteristics of men’s hair.

Answer: The people who come to find me for hair removal are basically very lush hair. The hair of ordinary girls, a small hair needs 5 to 6 times of continuous laser damage to remove the melanin, this hair may not grow, but boys , is a male individual, and the male hormone is very strong, and the hair removal people are all in adolescence, adolescence, and young adults. His hair is very, very thick, very, very lush. After giving him a course of stimulation, it can be relieved a lot, some Not even longer. However, due to individual differences, some boys will keep growing. If the clinical end point is achieved (small villi can be seen), it may take two courses of treatment, that is, a continuous laser stimulation that requires 10 to 10 times, which is impossible with ordinary machines, because men’s melanin metabolism is relatively fast , The wavelength of another ordinary machine cannot reach the bottom of the hair follicle. It removes a relatively small amount of men’s melanin, which is almost negligible for men’s hair removal. Only by choosing lasers can targeted hair treatment for men. I hope that everyone understands the principle of hair removal machines, and then makes the action of paying for hair removal, which saves time and avoids detours.

[Question 4] Men’s hair removal problems in traditional hair removal shops

A: The first is to avoid cross-infection. Now whether it is in a hospital or in a traditional beauty salon studio, relatively speaking, the environment is very mature, and everyone’s minds are also open, and many people do hair removal. But there is a risk of cross-infection in traditional stores. About how to quickly identify common skin diseases, and preventive classification of infectious skin diseases. To avoid self-cross infection, I will write another article when I have time.

[Question 5] Why can’t men’s hair be kept for a long time after hair removal?

A: Although the laser instrument mentioned above is also a medical treatment machine, it is a relatively advanced hair removal machine. Why does it happen that men can’t keep it for too long after taking off? I’m referring to cases where there are signs of recurrence beyond a year, excluding those that are still growing in a short period of time, because this is not completely out of the scope of discussion. Under normal circumstances, two consecutive cycles of laser damage to the hair can be used to remove even the stubborn hair. Even for the troublesome patients with hirsutism, as for why there will be a little recurrence after a few years of hair removal, this is indeed the same as that of men. Hormones and metabolism are related, because permanent hair removal is not bald, but ultimately fine villi. OK, then as long as you have a breath, even if you live in this world for a second, your body is rapidly metabolizing, and it will continue to generate new melanin supply to nourish every hair in your body. Your hair includes the hair on the part you shed. Although there is no melanin in the hair follicles at this time, there will be no hair in the short term, but the production of new melanin will wake up the shrinking hair follicles and form new villi. This fluff is stable. As long as you don’t use a knife or depilatory cream to shave to stimulate the hair, it will not recur. Most people can accept this kind of hair, because it is fluff and basically invisible to the naked eye. Boys who achieved permanent clinical endpoints could re-consolidate the laser every one to two years depending on their needs. If it is a beard, it is quite special. This part is said separately. In the later stage, for beauty seekers, if the face is no longer used with a razor, then because the face is an exposed part and receives more ultraviolet rays, and the boys have been shaving for many years, it is more annoying that the beard grows more and longer. of. After taking off, the babies must not shave at this time, only pull out the small fluff. Too much and go to the laser. The frequency will not be as high as before. No more once a month. No matter how difficult the hair is, as long as you give it enough energy, it can be taken off eventually. The beard takes longer than ordinary parts, so you must be patient. Of course, if you play basketball on the beach and sunbathe in the hot sun every day, I suggest you not. Good for hair removal. Although men’s hair removal is relatively difficult to remove, it is not that it cannot be maintained for a year and then recurs. I mean that men’s hair removal cycle is relatively long. But it is possible to do permanent hair removal. I have a lot of cases that have been tracked for a few years and have not grown any more. Of course, there are small fluff, just like the small fluff on the lips of girls, it is not very obvious. There are really Virgo babies who strive for perfection. That’s really a fluff that can’t be tolerated, haha, not a black virgin. Consolidation for one to two years can also make the face smoother and cleaner. Specifically, the reason why other men’s men are not very effective is because of the problem of the machine, and the professionalism of the operator. If you ask me why the hospital has both and why some of them are not good, then I really have to tell you that many hospitals are not very effective. After all, compared to other projects, hair removal is mostly used to expand customers. Your hair is rarely tracked. Adjust the treatment plan. Therefore, low-cost drainage and expansion of customers, the number of hairs for you to use is not enough, not to mention that under normal circumstances, you need to take off at least 10 times and 8 times, during which you can always buy other items.

I have been in the hospital for many years. Including now, judging from the male customers I took over, except for the first few cases that were not ideal, the later ones were better. I’ve been looking for a problem over the years. Really heavy hair can actually be taken off. Especially if you have been shaving every day for more than ten years or more, how can you take it off overnight? Many people come up and say if you can take it off two or three times, then you can really try not to shave all the time to see how thick it grows. . Calculate your growth rate.

[Question 6] Does laser hair removal have the function of rejuvenating the skin and reducing pores?

Then the next thing that everyone is most concerned about is whether laser hair removal has the function of rejuvenating the skin and reducing pores. In addition, the damage does not damage the sweat glands, and will it affect perspiration after the treatment? This article only talks about lasers, other machines are not medical . The real laser will not damage the skin and sweat glands. The light energy is mainly absorbed by the epidermis and dermis pigment tissue selectively, so that the pigment body disintegrates and shatters. After being phagocytosed by macrophages, it is excreted through the blood and lymphatic circulation to play a therapeutic role. It does not cause any damage to adjacent tissues. Do you see it? It doesn’t affect your skin sweat glands at all. As for the infection caused by burns and scars, it can only mean that the person is unprofessional, and the machine is unprofessional. Lasers can’t bear this pot.

It should be noticeably whiter, tenderer and smoother than the thighs. After several treatments, the protruding hair follicles in the armpit of the same part were significantly reduced, and the large yellow-brown melanin deposited under the skin was basically removed with the treatment. Therefore, laser hair removal has the function of whitening and rejuvenating to a certain extent, but it is only an auxiliary function. If you have less melanin, can you not be white? Of course, I can’t help black people, but I can remove them until they are shiny and smooth. unimaginable. If the babies with female votes have their skin removed, they can dump their skin on the girls for a few streets haha~ If you simply want to use this machine for skin whitening and rejuvenation, are you stupid??!! Or someone pays you to do it, are you? It’s also stupid~ If someone Diss me that the pictures are not real shots, I want to have a theory with you. The pictures are from the real comparison pictures of my own customers. Coding is so tiring. You’re just bullying people if you don’t like it.

[Question 7] I don’t want to be cheap, but I still can’t get rid of it

For some men who have had laser treatment, some of them have had their hair removed in a formal institution, but they can’t remove it completely. These types of people are the most depressing, haha~ The money has not been spent, but the hair has not fallen off. Why??? If you still want to take off completely. Then please look down. The above is aimed at the items that you did not choose the hospital special price and low price package. Because it is a project used by the hospital to expand customers, the machine meeting the standard does not mean that the technology meets the standard. There will be cutting corners and insufficient energy and hair count on your body, which is basically the normal situation, because the cost of the hospital is relatively high, and hair removal is only a very important thing. A small, underappreciated item. All they have to do is attract you to develop other projects, which is the case with many plastic surgery hospitals. It’s like taking off dozens of wallets in a beauty salon. A lot of cheap people flocked here. Does it work? Yes! Can it be removed cleanly? No! For details, please see my other article “Confessions of a Hair Removal Worker”. If you like to raise the bar, please detour, and do not accept refutation, because many hospital beauty salons are like this. In the case of the plastic surgery hospital, because you are a low-cost and unprofitable package, the number of times seems to be unlimited. You can’t take advantage of it, but you will find that you are caught in a vicious circle, that is, you will never be able to remove it cleanly. You go for a year and then again One year, most of the girls were attracted by low-cost hair removal. They slowly slapped their nose, pulled a double eyelid, and had a breast augmentation. At worst, they could also get a face-lifting injection. People around them gradually discovered it. , ah! Why is this girl more and more beautiful recently, I also want to try it, and gradually she and the people around her realize the sweetness of plastic surgery, and the hospital has attracted real loyal fans. Men too, you don’t have plastic surgery, right? Your skin is always bad, right? Your foreskin is always long, right? Are you losing hair? Of course not rule out doing well. The premise is that you meet a good person with professional ethics, and in the end, he is the one who operates the whole process, and he can follow up on your hair progress. Adjust your treatment plan frequently. until you’re done. But in most cases, the doctor operating on you is not alone. Many of them are just to explain to you the precautions after you finish, and you will not check the difference between your hair melanin content this time and the last time. Check to see if your follicle bulge is clinically indicated for this procedure. Because of the large number of people in the hospital, most of them are really perfunctory. After all, there is still a big difference between the staff of the plastic surgery hospital and the top three. Because one is for-profit and one is not-for-profit. Professional conduct is also different. Ordinary doctors only see your hair, and for-profits only see your money. Many of the customers I have dealt with in the past few years have become my friends. Of course, because they always stared at me and insisted on doing it, I fell into an occupational disease at a young age and often suffered from cervical and lumbar pain. In fact, if you have more patience

Everyone can get good results. Don’t underestimate a small hair removal, a layman is really not good. From start to finish, I am responsible for the entire process of my customers. Sometimes the effect of changing individuals is really a lot worse. In the final analysis, it is a lack of empathy. If you stand on the customer’s point of view to save him money, give him the patience and not be lazy to lose enough hair and energy. He will also actively cooperate with your requests for attention. Basically win-win. You get more sense of accomplishment and he gets the fast hair removal he wants.

Whenever I go to explore and study these issues, I will keep updating the treatment plan. Keep exploring. Practice a large amount of clinical data and effectively solve the problems faced by everyone. In addition to consulting a large number of documents and discussing with experts in the industry, the most important thing is that labor and management should be the first in the hair removal session. Who doesn’t know how hard it is to be sharp in a field. So what laypeople take off is hair, and what I take off is clinical. There are so many men who shed their hair every year, and there are only a few who have finished shedding their hair. I dare not say anything else, but none of the men who shed their hair were dissatisfied and did not reach the clinical permanent definition. Do not accept private message me haha.

For the questions raised by you, please reply as fully as possible. If you have any more questions, please leave a message. LEFIS will continue to revise the article in the later period. I hope you have read my article and have a basic understanding and professional knowledge of hair removal. judgment.

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