What is the effect of picosecond laser freckle removal beauty instrument

Everyone has a love for beauty, and the pursuit of beauty is also the pursuit of many people. However, the appearance of various spots will not only have a certain impact on the appearance and image, but also cause some burdens on the heart, which may make people feel inferior.

The formation of plaques is divided into congenital and acquired. Congenital is generally inherited, but the biggest cause of acquired spots is light damage, which is what we often call ultraviolet rays. But it cannot be said that acquired spots are all caused by ultraviolet rays, because there are many factors that induce different spots.

The picosecond laser uses the principle of instantaneous blasting. Since the laser emitted by each laser will reach the picosecond level after a certain period of time, the energy will be instantly transmitted to the melanin target tissue, and the colored plaque will be shattered into small particles by photoacoustic action. The particles can be safely and effectively excreted from the body to improve pigmented skin and achieve the effect of removing spots and beautifying skin.

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