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At present, the general functions of beauty instruments do not exceed 8, and there are very few functions that exceed 5. Generally, it is a collection of one or several functions in it.

The LEFIS beauty instrument includes all the above functions except ultrasonic import. It is rare in the market to provide a complete set of import and export, lifting and firming, whitening and rejuvenating skin, wrinkle and moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and acne-removing, shrinking pores, and skin testing. A beauty instrument that integrates beauty and skin care with a holistic skin solution.

Well, next, LEFIS will explain all the technical functions in detail one by one:


This is actually the simplest function. In fact, its principle is to drive an irregular disc through a motor to create an imbalance, thereby generating centrifugal force during rotation.

Since the direction of the centrifugal force changes continuously with the rotation, the disc has a relatively large swing in the left and right directions. In fact, there is vibration in the up and down direction, but the vibration in this direction is not very obvious due to the excessive resistance. , so the instrument in your hand feels like vibration.

If you still don’t understand after reading the above paragraph. In fact, it is very simple. You can take a small motor and put an irregular shape on its rotating shaft, or cut a corner on the disc, and it will jump up when it rotates. This is what the beauty instrument head produces. The principle of vibration.

Vibration can remove edema. When you get up every morning, you can use the vibration function of the beauty instrument to make the skin firmer, which is actually the same as the blisters when we remove the mobile phone film.


Ultrasound is also called ultrasound. Changing the soup or not changing the medicine actually means the same thing.

We all know that most of the active ingredients in skin care products are composed of organic macromolecules, which are difficult to penetrate the epidermis of human skin under natural conditions. When applying by hand, the nutrients can only stay on the surface of the skin and cannot be deeply absorbed, so you often feel that skin care products are floating on the skin.

The basic principle of a general ultrasonic beauty instrument is to use the high-frequency vibration of ultrasonic waves to break up the maintenance ingredients with larger molecules into smaller molecules, give full play to their penetrating power, and make the skin easier to absorb, so that your skin care products can play their role.

RF radio frequency

RF radio frequency is actually the Thermage and ultrasonic scalpel that are often mentioned in beauty salons, which is also called radio wave peeling and wrinkle removal in beauty salons.

RF radio frequency is the abbreviation of a high-frequency alternating electromagnetic wave. This electromagnetic wave has a deep warming effect and can promote metabolism. It is widely used in beauty equipment in major beauty institutions.

So why does this electromagnetic wave have an effect?

Let’s put it this way, first of all, the reason why the human skin is elastic is mainly because the collagen of the collagen fibers in the dermis of the skin forms the scaffold of the skin. As you grow older, the busyness and fatigue of work will cause the secretion of skin collagen to decrease.

In this way, your already delicate skin will start to become loose and dry, causing problems such as wrinkles and loss of luster. Therefore, to maintain youthfulness and maintain the youthful vitality of the skin, it is necessary to increase the content of collagen in the skin.

The principle of RF radio frequency is to vibrate skin molecules through high-frequency electric waves emitted by the probe, and generate heat energy (between 68-72 degrees) due to friction, which prompts collagen (collagen) to contract immediately, and stimulates the dermis to secrete more. The new collagen fills the vacancies of the shrinking and lost collagen, thereby holding up the skin’s scaffolding again and restoring the skin’s elasticity.

RF frequency is very effective for wrinkle removal, especially when people reach the age of 40, wrinkles become irreversible, and skin care products can no longer work. At this time, in addition to using injections, you can only use physical stimulation to get the effect of wrinkle removal. In clinical medicine, medical institutions also use RF radio frequency surgery to treat muscle weakness.

The principle of radio frequency cosmetology, the current types of radio frequency equipment, the target of radio frequency cosmetology, and the scope of application of radio frequency cosmetology. Simply put, radio frequency beauty uses the penetrating power of radio frequency waves to pass through the skin to the dermis (or other sites of action), destroy the molecular structure in it, cause tiny damage to cells, and activate cell regeneration (especially collagen). generation). Of course, you will find that this principle is also applicable to radio frequency fat reduction, that is, using radio frequency energy to remove all fat cells. Finally, literature summary: RF beauty can be used for skin firming and lifting, reducing wrinkles and reducing fat and weight.

EMS Microwave

EMS Microwave is also commonly known as radio wave shaping. It does not directly transmit motion instructions to the muscles through the brain, but uses electromagnetic waves to stimulate the muscles, so that the muscles can be exercised to contract and relax, so as to achieve the effect of lifting and thinning the face.

At the same time, the stimulation of the dermis by the electric current will also promote the cells to produce more ATP, and ATP is the key substance for the production of collagen. Therefore, massaging the face with micro-current can speed up the production of collagen and make the contour of the face clearer.

This method can also fully exercise the local fat layer, so that the basic metabolism of the human body is improved, resulting in the effect of reducing fat and eliminating fat, so many fat-reducing and shaping equipment will also use EMS microwave technology.

EMS micro-wave can achieve the following effects: skin tightening, skin lifting, skin delicacy, face sculpting, slimming and weight loss, abdominal tightening and hip lifting, etc.

Compared with the RF radio frequency function, the timely display effect of microcurrent is very strong, but the persistence is relatively poor.

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