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Hair is a very annoying thing for girls who love beauty. With the continuous advancement of technology, hair removal instruments have been more and more used by girls, while traditional beauty salon hair removal and more and more convenient home hair removal instruments How to choose? Which one is better between a home hair removal device and a beauty salon? So what is the difference between a home beauty device and a beauty salon? Today, the home of beauty devices will share some knowledge with you.

Power of home epilator and beauty salon epilator

The power of the two of them is different. For home beauty instruments, the power is about 20-30 watts, generally 4-5j per second, while the power of large hair removal instruments in beauty salons reaches 500-600 watts, reaching 10j per second. Pulse or single pulse above 19j per second. Hair removal devices in beauty salons emit longer wavelengths of light and the light source is more concentrated. The melanin in the hair absorbs light and heats up rapidly, destroying the hair follicle from the root. When the hair follicle is destroyed, the hair naturally stops growing. So laser hair removal is a one-time hair removal, which is more targeted and intense than home hair removal.

Use of home laser hair removal device and beauty salon hair removal device

The size of the hair removal device in the beauty salon is very large, and it cannot guarantee permanent hair removal even if it is done several times, while the home hair removal device is very small in size and can be easily carried. The price of hair removal devices in beauty salons is more expensive, while the price of home hair removal devices is relatively cheap.

Home hair removal devices are more convenient than hair removal devices in beauty salons or hospitals. You don’t need to make an appointment to do it every time. You can do it at home anytime, anywhere. In addition, the home permanent hair removal device is better than the beauty salon hair removal device in that it has better security and privacy. Personal use to avoid the chance of cross-infection by multiple people. After all, the disinfection measures of beauty salons cannot be as good as those of hospitals. It is not embarrassing to perform hair removal on personal private parts.

Another point worth noting is that the treatment effect of hair removal equipment used in beauty salons or hospitals or permanent hair removal equipment at home is not permanent. It’s just that the hair removal effect is relatively long-lasting, and it cannot achieve the purpose of hair removal. Because laser hair removal does not completely destroy the hair follicle, the hair will still grow, but it will be relatively small. Hair growth is also related to male hormones in the body. If the male hormone in the body is high, hair will still grow.

The difference between home hair removal device and hospital

Home laser hair removal device

The household hair removal device uses an ordinary low-energy light, which has a certain effect of hair removal, but it is not clean and the effect is very small. Because of the low energy, most hair follicles cannot absorb enough heat, and the hair follicles will not be destroyed, so the hair removal effect is not good. Not to mention the permanent baldness effect. And we have long found in the clinic that when the energy is not enough and the hair follicles are repeatedly stimulated, this low-energy continuous heating is like a nutrient, but instead stimulates the hair to grow more and longer. Therefore, I do not recommend that everyone, especially the owner of the Academy of Fine Arts, use this small household hair removal machine to remove hair for customers.

Professional hair removal equipment

The professional hair removal technology used in hospitals, currently the most cutting-edge is opt painless freezing point hair removal, using a highly concentrated hair removal laser, more than 90% of the hair follicles can absorb enough heat energy to destroy, the hair removal effect is cleaner . Generally, after 2-5 treatments, the effect of permanent hair removal can be achieved, and the skin will also become white and shiny at the same time. This is an incomparable effect of a small household hair removal machine.

What should I pay attention to before using LEFIS 808nm Diode laser hair removal machine?

First remove the hair with a scraper. However, the scraper is sharp, then apply an appropriate amount of toner to moisten the skin, and wear the goggles provided in the package before using the epilator. For the first time users, you can start from the L gear.

How to care for LEFIS 808nm hair removal device after hair removal?

Avoid contact with water within 6 hours after each hair removal. If the skin is hot and dry, the aloe vera gel provided is soothing and calming; within 24 hours, avoid exposure to the sun and perform sun protection. It can be applied properly and needs to be done properly.

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