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Many people like to get tattoos when they are young, to give themselves a cool beauty, and some to give themselves a nickname. However, the migration of tattoos over time will bring trouble to themselves, and at this time, laser tattoo removal can solve this problem very well. But how to take care of it after laser tattoo removal? Let the experts from LEFIS introduce it to you.

How to care after best laser tattoo removal?

LEFIS tells you these 5 nursing methods, picosecond nd yag laser will make your skin return to the original.

①A kind of nursing method: Laser tattoo removal – There may be slight pain during treatment, and there may also be short-term redness and swelling, which will disappear on its own.

②A kind of nursing method Tattoo removal by laser – the scab film falls off in 7-14 days, and the wound heals. Individual patients may experience normal temporary hyperpigmentation after surgery, which will gradually absorb. Oral vitamin C can reduce pigment reflux.

③A kind of nursing method Laser tattoo removal – During the healing period, you can apply antibacterial ointment or oral anti-inflammatory drugs to prevent secondary infection. Avoid direct sunlight exposure. Otherwise there will be transient hyperpigmentation and scarring may appear after infection.

④A kind of nursing method: Laser tattoo fading- After treatment of pigmented skin diseases, you must pay attention to sun protection. Pigment subsidence is a slow biological process, usually 1-2.5 months. During this period, you must continue to sunscreen. In order to obtain the best effect, those who need to repeat the treatment should be separated by more than 3 months.

⑤A kind of nursing method Laser tattoo disappearance- Depending on the nature of the lesion, the depth and location of the pigment, the treatment of certain diseases may require multiple treatments. Before the scabs fall off, the treatment area should not be exposed to water, makeup, or rubbing, and avoid spicy, tobacco and alcohol. In the near future, fast food with dark color such as coffee, Pepsi, etc., let the scab fall off on its own, and do not peel it off forcibly. Do not participate in strenuous exercise, so as not to cause infection after sweating.

Through the above, you can know the nursing method after picosecond pulsed laser diode. In order to make your body more perfect, after this operation, you should carefully follow the nursing method to avoid some unexpected results. If you want to know more beauty information, equipment training, poster video promotion, come to LEFIS. As long as you want to make money, LEFIS can help you with a series of services. LEFIS will provide you with products, training, promotional materials and more. Solve your worries!

Does laser hair removal work on all hair colors?

It works best on dark, coarse hair because the laser targets pigment. Light or gray hair may not respond as effectively.

Can I shave before a laser hair removal session?

Shaving the treatment area before the session is recommended. Avoid waxing or plucking, as the hair follicle should be intact.

How long should I avoid sun exposure before and after treatment?

Avoid sun exposure for about six weeks before and after laser hair removal, as tanned skin can increase the risk of side effects.

Can laser hair removal treat ingrown hairs?

Yes, laser hair removal can be effective at preventing and treating ingrown hairs.

Is laser hair removal safe for pregnant or breastfeeding women?

It’s generally not recommended during pregnancy or while breastfeeding due to potential risks. Consult with a healthcare provider.

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