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IPL Laser Hair Removal, or intense pulsed light, is a popular method for eliminating unwanted hair from the body. It utilises a special light to target and harm the hair roots, ultimately preventing the hair from expanding back. However, how specifically does IPL work, and what can you get from the therapy?

How does IPL get rid of hair?
IPL works by sending out pulses of light taken in by the pigment (shade) in the hair roots. This light energy is exchanged heat, which harms the roots and also prevents them from creating new hair. With time, the cured hair befalls and brand-new hair development is prevented.

How much time does IPL take to play a role?
It usually takes several treatments to see significant hair decrease with IPL. Many people require 6-8 sessions, spaced several weeks apart, to achieve the desired outcomes. This is because IPL can only target hair follicles that remain in the energetic development stage, and not all roots are active simultaneously.

Can you see the result after IPL treatment?
Yes, you can see outcomes after your first IPL treatment. However, attaining the desired level of hair decrease may take several sessions. Generally, most individuals experience a 10-25% decrease in hair growth after their initial therapy, with additional reductions seen with each subsequent session.

How do I understand if my IPL works?
It would help if you started to see a reduction in hair growth within a few weeks after your first IPL therapy. It may be a sign that IPL is ineffective for you if you don’t see any improvement after the first two or 3 sessions. You should also talk to your expert if you experience adverse results, such as burning, blistering, or scarring.

What can I not do after ipl laser hair removal?
After IPL treatment, you must prevent sunlight exposure and use sunblock to protect your skin. You should also avoid hot bathrooms or showers, saunas, and steam rooms for at least 24-48 hours after therapy. Avoid harsh chemicals or scrubs on the cured area, and do not wax or tweeze hairs between therapies.

What is the expense of ipl laser hair removal?
The cost of IPL can differ depending on the area being dealt with, the variety of sessions required, the expert’s experience, and certifications. Overall, IPL sessions can vary from $100 to $500 per session, with lots of people needing around 6-8 sessions to achieve the desired outcomes.

How many times can IPL treatment see the outcome?
Most people need around 6-8 sessions to attain the preferred results with IPL. This can vary depending on the location being dealt with, the density of the hair, as well as other factors. It’s vital to follow your practitioner’s instructions and attend all set-up sessions to ensure the best feasible outcome.

IPL, or intense pulsed light, is preferred for removing undesirable hair from the body. Exactly how precisely does IPL work, and what can you anticipate from the treatment?

IPL works by releasing pulses of light absorbed by the pigment (shade) in the hair roots. It normally takes several therapies to see substantial hair reduction with IPL. It would be best if you started to see a decrease in hair growth within a couple of weeks after your initial IPL treatment.

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