Is the laser hair removal instrument reliable for hair removal? How should I care for it every day?

Every girl or boy is reluctant to be a hairy child, especially in summer when they wear less clothes, everyone always wants to show fair and delicate skin, not kiwi. Therefore, in spring and summer, hair removal is a problem that has attracted much attention.

Hair removal methods are generally divided into two categories, one is physical and the other is chemical.

Among them, the most crude physical method is plucking, which is very easy to cause folliculitis and is very painful (I personally do not recommend this method).

In addition, about physical hair removal – razors, beeswax, and hair removal creams (chemical) have been described in detail in the article “Removal makes hair grow thicker and thicker, is it true?”, you can click to view it directly .

Regarding laser hair removal, semiconductor laser hair removal can be regarded as the most successful application of laser in beauty. The principle of laser hair removal is to use a laser of a specific wavelength to penetrate the skin and be absorbed by the melanin in the hair bulb and convert it into heat. This heat will destroy the hair bulb itself and cause it to die, which will no longer grow hair. This method of hair removal is very efficient.

In order to avoid heat accumulation in the skin and damage to the skin, a layer of thermal conductive gel may be applied on the surface of the skin before laser hair removal to enhance the penetration of light, and the laser head has a cooling crystal block to reduce the surface temperature of the skin.

Laser hair removal is not painful, and it feels like an ant pinch when doing it, which is completely tolerable.

One thing to note about optical (laser) hair removal – it takes multiple treatments to get better results.

The reason is that hair grows cyclically, when part of it is dormant, another part is falling off, and another part is growing, and the laser can only act on the hair in the growing phase, that is, a part of it; after one round , You have to wait for the dormant ones to grow out before doing it. This cycle is 3 to 5 times before you can achieve a near-permanent hair removal effect.

For those who are overweight, a considerable number of people secrete too much sebum. Although it is possible to remove hair with lasers, this may lead to poor sebum drainage, which can easily lead to breakouts.

Therefore, it is still necessary to pay attention to some daily oil control and life conditioning. If you have severe hirsutism, you should go to the hospital to diagnose whether there is an endocrine disease.

The following methods can be used after laser hair removal device hair removal:

  1. Light diet, low-fat, low-sugar, high-fiber. High-leucine foods such as milk, beef, etc., high-sugar foods, various confectionery, cakes, etc. should be eaten less;
  2. Eat more soybean foods, vegetables, especially bitter gourd, bamboo shoots, yams, fruits, etc.
  3. It can be supplemented with vitamin B6 and vitamin A (carotenoids), medicines or health foods, or food supplements can be used;
  4. Whole soybean extract (raw soy milk has been mentioned many times on Weibo) is applied or applied to the hairy parts, which can make the hair soft and reduce the secretion of oil.

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