Who is RF Machine?

What is RF Machine?
RF is a high-frequency alternating electromagnetic wave that stimulates the regeneration of collagen and elastin in the skin through thermal energy. It is usually used to improve facial relaxation and wrinkles, shape contours, and achieve the effect of facial rejuvenation. It can also be used for local shaping of the body.

RF Machine healing process:
Before RF treatment, first communicate with the patient the problems that need to be improved;
Adjust the energy and frequency, treat small parts, ask the patient how they feel, and find the temperature that the patient can accept;
If you feel uncomfortable, you should suspend the treatment in time or reduce the energy to continue the treatment;
The RF treatment process allows for a more even distribution of heat in the dermis to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin to tighten the skin;
After 4-6 treatments, aging problems such as facial relaxation and wrinkles will have obvious effects.

What is the RF Machine used to heal?
Facial laxity and roughness;
Facial fine lines and wrinkles improve skin texture;
Improve pores to a certain extent;
Local body shaping and fat reduction;

Will the RF Machine healing process be painful?
RF does not feel pain during the treatment process, but it will generate heat, and when the heat accumulates on the skin surface to a certain extent, it will cause pain. It is necessary to adjust the amount of energy promptly according to the patient’s ability to bear it.

What are the benefits of using RF Machines?
Non-invasive facial rejuvenation treatment;
It can effectively stimulate the regeneration and reorganization of collagen, refine the skin, firm and enhance;
The immediate effect of treatment is obvious;
There is no recovery period, and the effect can last up to one year.

What are the side effects of using an RF Machine?
Some people will feel the pain caused by overheating during RF treatment, but as long as the energy is adjusted properly, it can be avoided.
If the energy is too high, the skin accumulates heat, and the skin may blister.
Temporary edema, redness, etc.
Taboo crowd:
People who are pregnant;
People with metal implants, etc.;

What kind of people is suitable for using RF?
People who want to improve facial sagging, wrinkles, and firming contours;

After using RF, what should I pay attention to?
RF is a non-invasive, non-invasive treatment that requires no special care after treatment except for basic skin care and sun protection.

What is the effect of an RF Machine?
RF can safely and effectively improve skin sagging, wrinkles, and fine lines caused by aging; it also has a good effect on shaping and fat reduction!
On the day after RF treatment, the skin’s collagen fibers will shrink immediately, tightening the body and increasing elasticity.
1-3 months after receiving RF treatment, under thermal stimulation, the skin continues to repair itself, new collagen and elastic fibers are also produced continuously, the face is firmer, and the wrinkles and fine lines will be reduced;
Within 6 months of RF treatment, collagen layer turnover peaked, skin became firmer, and radiance and color improved greatly.

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