Are microneedle and gold microneedle efficacy the same?

Micro needle? Gold microneedles? The latter is just much more than the former “gold” two words, is the effect of that microneedle and Gold-plated microneedle the same? Microneedle and gold microneedle which effect is better? There are many beauty seekers who are confused about both of these, so today we are going to take a closer look.

Are microneedle and gold microneedle efficacy the same?

Microneedle and gold microneedle effect is not the same. Ordinary microneedles can only improve enlarged facial pores and acne and minor wrinkles. The gold needle can not only improve the acne on the face and coarse pores, but also improve the more serious decree lines and forehead lines.

Microneedle: microneedle operation is relatively simple, mainly through the needle to open the channel, and then transport nutrients to the epidermal layer of the skin, so back and forth circulation, can achieve improved results.

Gold microneedle: Gold-finished microneedle stamp is generally the use of small needles on the Gold-infused microneedle roller, penetration to the skin tissue, the release of radio frequency energy, so that it can achieve the effect of improving skin problems.

Which effect is microneedle and gold microneedle good?

The effect of gold microneedles and microneedles is very similar, the difference is that microneedles use tiny needles to stimulate the skin to improve skin problems, promote skin metabolism and collagen regeneration, so that the skin quickly absorb nutrients. Relieve skin problems. The difference of Microneedle with gold plating is that at the same time of acupuncture, heat stimulation is added to stimulate the self-repair ability of muscle skin.

In other words, the Gold-finished skin needling tool is based on the microneedle, combined with the product of radio frequency technology, so that the depth and location of the operation is more accurate, in dealing with wrinkles, pores and other skin problems, the effect of Gold-plated derma roller is better, the effect is faster.

Moreover, compared with ordinary microneedles, gold microneedles cause much less damage to the skin, and recover faster after surgery.

Of course, the specific use of microneedles or gold microneedles to improve the skin, or to find a professional doctor, by the doctor according to their own situation to evaluate the specific use of microneedles or gold microneedles.

And LEFIS micro needle effect is the same, and LEFIS micro needle which related science with good effect, the lai skin expert reminds, regardless or LEFIS micro needle, should choose to normal hospital, so as to ensure the effect of recovery after surgery, during recovery should also make efforts to skin care.

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