What is RF Microneedling?

RF Microneedling are needle-like structures with different materials and shapes that act on the skin to form pores of different sizes from nanometers to micrometers, which can be used for transdermal drug delivery or detection through mechanical channels, or to promote skin collagen regeneration and remodeling through wound repair processes. .

As a new type of skin permeation-promoting dermal administration, microneedle administration combines the ease of use of transdermal patch administration with the effective lifetime of subcutaneous injection administration, avoids the shortcomings of other administration methods, and has many unique The advantages:

1) Compared with hypodermic needles, the size of microneedles is smaller (the length is generally 100.10001.tm), and the administration is painless and minimally invasive;

2) It is easy to use, does not require professional training, and patients can self-medicate;

3) Low risk of accidental needle stick; easy to handle after use.

In addition, microneedle transdermal drug delivery can improve drug delivery rate and absorption, especially for the research of macromolecular drug preparations such as proteins and peptides, and its market application prospects are broad.

Types of Microneedles

According to the shape of the microneedle, it can be needle roller, patch or matrix sheet. The matrix sheet mostly needs to be connected with other vibrating instruments to play a role, such as a micro-needle syringe (ie, a needle with water light).

The depth of the needle body varies from 150μm-3mm due to the different penetration levels. Generally, the diameter of the pores formed by the skin is between nanometers and micrometers. According to the characteristics of the needle body, it can be divided into five types: hollow, coated, solid, soluble and intumescent.

  1. Hollow microneedles

Most of the drugs are injected into the skin by means of external driving devices to generate pressure to achieve the purpose of drug delivery, that is, the basic principle of the currently used needle, water and light.

  1. Coated microneedles

The drug is coated on the surface of the solid microneedle. When the microneedle is inserted into the skin, the drug will enter the skin and play a role.

  1. Solid microneedles

Solid microneedles form pores by inserting and removing the microneedles, and then allow the drug to pass through the pores to function.

  1. Soluble Microneedles

Most of the microneedle materials are soluble or biodegradable polymers. The drug is dissolved and encapsulated in the microneedle needle array. When the microneedle penetrates the skin and dissolves or degrades, the drug remains in the skin tissue to function.

  1. Expandable microneedle

Expandable microneedles are mostly made of cross-linked hydrogels. After penetrating the skin, the microneedles absorb intercellular tissue fluid, and then expand to gradually release the drug as a drug-loading reservoir. The microneedles themselves do not dissolve in the skin and need to be removed manually. .

Different types of microneedling

1.Single-needle micro-needle therapy

Micro-perforating or puncturing the skin tissue with a tiny single injection needle in order to obtain therapeutic or cosmetic effects. The introduction of the concomitant medicament may or may not need to be synchronized to achieve the corresponding effect.

The instruments mostly use tiny cosmetic injection needles.

Practical application

It focuses on local treatment and has strong curative effect. Extensive skin rejuvenation improvements are not emphasized. Commonly used or recommended for the following situations:

① Local puncture or irritant treatment. Neck lines, swelling lines and stretch marks, static deep lines, etc.; localized depressions, linear strip scars, etc.

②Supplementary import processing. Especially under the cooperation of puncture, the skin supplementary injection and introduction method depending on the material strengthens the single-needle treatment effect. Such as superficial introduction of hyaluronic acid, growth factors, etc.

③Subtractive import processing. It mainly focuses on the injection and introduction of lipolytic agents for local fat accumulation, as well as the ablation injection for local scars or tissue hypertrophy.

2.Water light microneedling therapy

Using a special device, a water-light micrometer, equipped with a patented multi-needle injection needle, micro-perforation or puncture of the skin and soft tissues can be performed in batches, with a controllable dose and level, and synchronous injection of hyaluronic acid, collagen and other beneficial ingredients to achieve Therapeutic or cosmetic effect on a wide area. Substances or drugs needed to supplement skin tissue have become an important feature of water-light microneedling.

The special equipment is a multi-needle hydro-optical microneedle instrument.

Practical application

① Extensive supplementary injection. Extensively, precisely and finely, evenly introduce (superficially inject) the medicaments and nutrients needed by the skin into a certain layer of the skin, so as to replenish the skin’s moisture and nutrients, and strengthen the treatment.

②Supplementary substances are the main characteristics of this technology to help skin aging, skin tone and texture improvement. Commonly used supplementary injections include hyaluronic acid, collagen, PRP, placental polypeptides, whitening therapy ingredients, growth factors, stem cell actives, etc.

Based on the combined effect of direct introduction of supplementary substances and the needle-like stimulation of many water light microneedles, the skin improvement effect is often obvious, so water light microneedles have high customer acceptance and satisfaction.

3.Roller microneedling therapy

Use special equipment to perform micro perforation or puncture on the skin and soft tissue in batches to achieve therapeutic or cosmetic effects in a wide area. It is often accompanied by the osmotic introduction of the desired agent in order to increase the corresponding effect.

The special device is the roller microneedle.

Practical application

The most basic and widely used type of rf microneedling.

It is often used in the rolling treatment of the face or a wide range of parts, which can bring comprehensive improvement and wide adaptability.

Whether it is normal or healthy skin, skin rejuvenation, whitening, firming, wrinkle reduction, freckle removal, acne removal, or sensitive skin or sensitive skin

Inflammation treatment.

4.Electric Micro Needle Therapy

Using the principle of worm gear and worm to push the microneedle device to perform vertical microscopic batch perforation or puncture on the skin and soft tissue, in order to obtain therapeutic or cosmetic effects. The introduction of the concomitant medicament may or may not need to be synchronized to achieve the corresponding effect.

The special equipment is an electric microneedle instrument.

Practical application

①As a supplementary form of roller microneedling, it can be used for facial or extensive treatment, such as skin rejuvenation, whitening, firming, wrinkle reduction, freckle removal, and acne removal.

②It is also commonly used for the treatment of local pits and scars.

③It is used for the treatment of parts that are not easy to operate with roller micro-needling, such as nasolabial folds, eyelids, nose root, nose, navel, etc.

5.Nano-needle therapy

Using nano-chip micro-needles to act on the skin and soft tissue to form ultra-fine skin pores to facilitate the penetration of effective drugs to achieve a wide range of therapeutic or cosmetic effects. It must be accompanied by the introduction of the desired agent in order to obtain the corresponding effect. This technique focuses more on import techniques.

The special equipment is nano-microneedle wafer.

Practical application

The essentially non-invasive and effective introduction technology weakens the mechanical puncture and damage of the skin (without collagen stimulation), and emphasizes its minimally invasive and penetration-promoting effects. Often used for:

①It can also treat normal or healthy skin on the face or a wide range of parts, such as skin rejuvenation, whitening, freckle removal, acne removal, etc., which is more in line with high-end skin care.

②The advantage of this technology is that no anesthesia is needed, so sensitive skin or sensitive dermatitis can be used without local anesthesia.

③Treatment of fragile tissues such as eyelids.

6.Biological RF microneedling therapy

The soluble biomaterial itself is used to make microneedle-like needle-like protrusions, which are applied to the skin and slightly pressed until the needle-like protrusions penetrate the superficial skin. At the same time, the biomaterials are degraded and absorbed by the skin through the effects of skin temperature and other effects. (Successfully applied materials include hyaluronic acid, collagen, etc.). This technology should be understood more as material technology.

Special equipment or materials include biological microcrystalline needle film.

Practical application

This technology is more suitable to be regarded as a material, because it is made of absorbable biomaterials as microneedle-like materials, which are directly pressed against the skin, and the rf microneedles penetrate the skin and can be ablated and absorbed to play a role. Due to limited penetration depth and quantity, skin irritation and damage are minimal. Often used for:

①Anti-aging care around the eyes or face.

②Moisturizing, rejuvenating, whitening, etc. for normal or healthy skin.

7.Radiofrequency microneedling therapy

The synchronous RF microneedle mechanical puncture acts on the skin soft tissue, and the synchronous rf microneedle tip radio frequency emission acts on the deep layer of the skin tissue. It can form a dual effect of microneedle puncture and radio frequency stimulation to achieve therapeutic or cosmetic effects in a wide area. The introduction of the concomitant medicament may or may not need to be synchronized to achieve the corresponding effect.

The special equipment is radio frequency microneedle or microneedle radio frequency instrument.

Practical application

This type has both the mechanical damage of microneedle and the effect of radio frequency thermal stimulation, which is in line with the most effective type of microneedle therapy. One-time, powerful skin changers are commonly used for:

①The treatment of the face or extensive parts can clearly see the skin’s fine pores, skin firmness and less fine lines, smooth facial contours, a certain degree of improvement, whitening and evenness, etc. at one time. Improving skin texture has become the preferred target of RF microneedling.

②The treatment of acne-prone skin, including the treatment of acne breakouts, small acne scars, large pores, rough skin, etc., can be the first choice for radiofrequency microneedling. .

③The treatment of swelling marks, stretch marks, etc. with radiofrequency microneedling is also a commonly used method.

The principle of RF microneedling

①Mechanism of mechanical transdermal absorption.

Due to the micro-injury channel deep into the epidermis, dermis or subcutaneous due to the formation of micro-needle devices (rf microneedles). The large number of such mechanical channels is conducive to the direct replenishment or penetration of effective agents or active ingredients into the skin and soft tissues, so as to play a role.

②Focal lattice damage effect.

A focal, lattice-type skin and soft tissue injury with a sufficient depth of puncture injury is formed by a sufficiently fine needle-like device (rf microneedle). The number of such micro-lattice lesions is numerous and can reach the epidermis, dermis or subcutaneous, and cause corresponding tissue damage effects. This effect is complex and diverse, such as collagen activation and regeneration, and functional activation effects.

③ Collagen regeneration and remodeling effect.

Due to the focal injury deep into the dermis or subcutaneous, part of the collagen tissue is cut, damaged or stimulated, or accompanied by strong stimulation or damage such as radio frequency heat, the collagen tissue and cells will start the wound repair mechanism and regeneration and reconstruction mechanism, collagen secretion and regeneration, as well as reconstruct and remodel collagen structure and shape, and restore skin texture, elasticity and shape. This mechanism has become a representative mechanism of skin rejuvenation, and it is also the real histopathological basis of skin rejuvenation, that is, a reasonable and safe injury brings an effective repair and reconstruction mechanism.

④Scarless repair mechanism of epidermis.

Since the pore size of the damage on the surface of the epidermis or scar is sufficiently small (micron level) and presented in the form of lattice damage, the regeneration and repair ability of the epidermis or scar surface is sufficient to quickly repair the micro-damage on the surface of the epidermis or scar without the formation of scars. This principle has become a good basis for microneedling therapy for cosmetic treatment.

⑤ Deep forward repair mechanism.

The focal, lattice deep damage effect brings “closed” damage repair and tissue regeneration in the deep tissue. and regeneration are characterized by positive repair and tissue structure tending to normalize regenerative remodeling.

⑥ Skin function activation effect.

Skin tissue, like the body, is damaged and stimulated, and the tissue will respond positively; coupled with the infiltration of effective drugs or active ingredients, it can effectively activate various tissue functions, such as enzyme system, metabolic system, and microcirculation system. , lymphatic system, immune system, collagen regeneration and repair system, etc.

⑦Effective active products.

The matched use of high-quality, safe and effective products constitutes an important part of microneedling therapy. Various repair factor drugs or products have become mainstream. Products for problems are also necessary, such as L-C, tranexamic acid, etc. The application of nourishing and maintenance products is the norm.

Basic application of RF microneedling

①Protect skin, strengthen skin texture, delay aging, based on normal or healthy skin

If you can receive the targeted course of micro-needling therapy reasonably and regularly, your skin will surely receive medical-grade, reliable, comfortable and safe effective maintenance and healthy skin. Continued maintenance and strengthening of the skin, just like the regular exercise and maintenance of other human organs in the body, can naturally maintain functional vitality and delay aging.

Skin tissue cannot be actively exercised like human organs or muscles, and the function of skin tissue is strengthened through passive stimulation. This kind of strengthening has been stimulated by laser or strong light, radio frequency, and has some effects and effects. As a non-thermal-cold stimulation, microneedling therapy opens a new safe and effective way of skin exercise stimulation. Cold-stimulated skin exercises are more likely to be applied to the skin repeatedly and frequently.

②Repair skin, youthful skin, improve aging, based on aging or blemish skin,

If the micro-needling therapy can be received reasonably and effectively, the aging or blemishes of the skin will be effectively improved with medical grade, certain reliability, comfort and safety, and the skin will be restored to a certain degree of youthfulness.

The improvement of skin aging is mainly based on the gradual remodeling and increase of skin collagen, which is the timely and repeated stimulation of the skin by microneedles, including the supplementation of appropriate effective nutrients or pharmaceuticals, all of which ensure the improvement of skin aging. the source of.

Uneven skin tone, dull skin tone, chlorosis, pigmentation, dark circles, chloasma, dry skin, rough skin, fine lines, wrinkles, sagging, thinning, enlarged pores and other common skin aging signs are all targeted by microneedling therapy. choose.

③For problems, strengthen treatment, enhance beauty, based on some special skin diseases, aging or blemishes,

For example, acne and sunken scars, sensitive skin or sensitive dermatitis, neck lines, static deep lines, stretch marks and stretch marks, static wrinkles and grooves, local fat accumulation, etc., micro-needling therapy has its unique curative effect and cosmetic advantages. This advantage is manifested in the complex becomes simple, the difficult becomes easy, and the satisfaction is high.

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